Christian Women Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram I have found a wonderful community of women entrepreneurs who also are followers of Christ. Often times you’ll see this written in the limited space Instagram gives you for your profile.  It’s amazing -not to mention encouraging- to be able to peek into these women’s lives and see the wonderfulness of things they produce.

They tackle production, marketing, running a household, marriages, and motherhood all while proclaiming their love for Jesus. Often times struggles are share and in return many prayers are sent up. Sometimes the internet and social media can be a bad thing but I’ve seen countless wonderful things out of this community.

I gathered a list of these women (not to say there aren’t more, I just haven’t personally discovered them yet) and what they make/sell. Take a peek and maybe give them your business and support.

jessicaNdesignsjessica n designs
Jessica offers unique vintage silverware that she hand stamps to personalize each piece. Her most popular design is the lower left corner, “a little bit of coffee & a whole lotta Jesus” spoon. She recently made Lauren Conrad a personalized spoon for her and her new fiancé and has gotten A TON of awesome exposure, because…well, obviously LC loved it!!

RaisingUpRubiesraising up rubiesJaime makes the most amazing paper goods. From garlands to gift tags you’ll be in her shop browsing for quite some time. Her wood slice ornaments and mason jar tags are very popular already before Thanksgiving is even here!

Grace and Lacegrace and laceOh my goodness I could do some damage to my bank account here! These are definitely on my Wish List for Christmas! Honestly though I don’t know if I could choose which to get. The boot cuffs are a nifty little accessory. Not to mention the company is a TEXAS company….yeehaw!!

Take the CannolitakethecannoliShe inspired me to make a hoop design for myself and my husband. I believe it was used in the wedding decor but with that day being a big blur I can’t be certain. Her designs are so so so cute.  Follow her Instagram account for updates on new listings. (Everything is sold out at the moment!) Who wouldn’t want one of those hanging on their wall?!

NS PotterynspotteryOkay if you loved the Jesus spoon then you’ll love that these two artists have partnered together to offer a handmade latte mug with one of Jessica’s spoons. Natalie also has the cutest “cup of love” latte mug. When you’ve downed your last drop a beautiful heart waits for you at the bottom of the mug. Make sure to browse her jewelry line as well. Personal fave….scalloped teardrop necklace.

I have MORE to share but will have to continue in a Part 2 post. Let me know in the comments if you know of a woman owned Christian handmade business that I may have missed! My Instagram is @linnyjo I love connecting with new people!

DIY Props {Gold Masquerade Mask for TGHP}

I am so excited to tell you about a new project that just started this September!!! It’s called The Gold Hope Project.

The Mission:

The Gold Hope Project is a group of photographers that have come together to capture the moments that your family holds so dear to their heart. Some of us have been touched by the presence of cancer, and some have not, but we have all been given a gift that we would like to share with you.

More precious than the gold that represents them, children are our future. This year alone, approximately 13,500 parents will have to listen to a doctor tell them, “Your child has cancer.” 
Can you imagine?

There are twelve major types of childhood cancers. From there, they are broken down into three groups.

  • Leukemias (cancer of the blood)
  • Lymphomas (cancer of the immune system)
  • Solid tumors (cancer in bones, organs, or tissue)

While the survival rate has increased over the past 40 years from 10% to nearly 80%, the number of children diagnosed increases slightly each year. And, while there have been many medical advances in the field of cancer research, treatment of pediatric cancer is still very aggressive and can have many lasting side effects. Some pediatric brain tumors, such as brain stem gliomas and pontine gliomas, are terminal upon diagnosis and no new protocols have been developed in 30 years. Despite the astonishing number of children being treated each year (approximately 40,000), funding for the research and implementation of better treatment remains largely underfunded.

I have been accepted as a volunteer photographer for this amazing group!! There are photographers worldwide and it’s still growing!! So many wonderful things are yet to come, so keep checking their website or Facebook page. If you have a fighter or know of a child fighting cancer please have them apply here.

Okay now to the real reason for this particular post. We are encouraged to use something gold in our photo sessions. I went out shopping the other day for something just to get my gold prop stash started. I came across a gold masquerade mask at Joann Fabric. I bought some gold sequins, really wanted gold feathers but they didn’t carry gold. Darn it!!!!

Anyhoo…I wanted to share the project with anyone involved so that you know you don’t have to spend a ton of money, just takes a little bit of creativity and time. I searched Etsy for a similar project and didn’t find any that were “kid friendly” and cheap. So I think I made the right decision to make my own mask.

As you can see there were very little supplies and you can make it as simple or fancy as you’d like. If I ever make another I’ll buy the strands of sequins that you can find over in the ribbon section. Yea, I hot glued each little sequin!!! I would’ve put sequins around the entire edge where the glitter is, but I was over it by then!! haha

If you have a gold DIY please leave a link in the comment section so we can all visit and see!!!

Uncommon Sizes

Earlier I gave you some info on how print sizes affect image cropping. I also started my push towards 8×12’s, not 8×10’s and 16×24’s not 16×20’s, etc. We need to get out of the rut of choosing 8×10’s. But why would you when all you can find are 8×10 frames on the store shelves??

Maybe someday soon, the stores will keep them in stock.

Right off hand I’m finding that is the quickest, most trusted, and most cost effective site to purchase frames. Just type in whatever size and they’ll got lots of options. Next, for more custom frames I am suggesting You can order directly through me and have them shipped to your door! These make such an impact on your walls!!

I’m sure you can use a coupon from Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Michaels, etc and custom order a frame. I’m just not sure what the price ranges are. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section below!

Gift Giving {Mini Accordion Book}

Besides displaying your photos in your home you also may come across the need to gift photos. Perhaps you never even thought about it because you automatically think of the gift as a nice matted and framed 11×14 and that seems daunting. But what if it can be so much simpler? What if it doesn’t have to be this big purchase?

I want to introduce you to the mini accordion book. Not a bulky album with the photo corners. A neat composed book where photos can live forever that can be used and gifted with ease.


The Quick Simple Gift: Mini Accordion Book

I’ll hit you with the price first. That way you don’t think I’m going to surprise you with a big ticket at the end.

18 for a solid cover or $24 for a custom cover. Boom! A custom book for less than $25 dollars. I think that fits even the strictest of Chinese Christmas rules haha



Small enough to for grandma to carry in her purse for a brag book. That’s really all you need to know, right?! It has a soft magnet closure so its not flapping open and getting lipstick on the pages during transit. Not that I think she’ll have it in her purse half the time, but it’s nice to know the pages will be protected on the rare chance it is.


Real Estate.

10 pages for photos/text. That’s not including if you choose the custom front. That’s a lot of bang for your buck and if you have a large family everyone can have their own personal space and then some.



People are going to be impressed when you pull out the sleek hard covered book filled with your adorable family. The linen or pearl paper will probably send them over the edge. Jealously might even peek its little head out and you might have to tell them where you got it! Fine by me!! 🙂


And if you really want to knock the socks off the recipient and make them feel like you really went all out, you can purchase a frosted slip cover to go over the book.

I hope this has helped you think outside the box a little and also made your gift giving a little easier. The uses for this product are endless. Senior portrait books, birthday session book, brag book, mother’s day gift, etc…the list could go on and on. The recipient list is equally as long – mom, grandma, friend, aunt, stocking stuffer, or my favorite…yourself!!

Photos for Your Home

I love taking pictures! Aren’t you glad since that is what I’ve decided to do with my life!? Even when I’m not taking photos for clients I am snapping away, whether I’m on vacation, driving down my country roads, or just walking around outside. This has left me with some quite spectacular images in a file folder on my hard drive. I just think it’d be rude of me to leave those there and not share them with you. I’ve been wanting to sell my prints for a long time now but never found an easy online way to do so. Etsy doesn’t provide an easy way for me to offer one print with different sizes and paper types. I’d have to create a separate listing for each one….no thank you! Ebay, no offense to anyone using it, makes me feel cheap. I don’t want anyone bidding on my stuff. I want you to see a price and that’s the price. Also, now I have a way to give you high quality products that can be shipped directly to you.

So within my wonderful circle of Facebook businesses I follow daily I’d kept hearing of this other thing called Big Cartel that a lot of prop makers use to sell their products. They said it was super easy and the cost of having one was really reasonable. So this past week I looked into it and was surprised to see how professional their “stores” appear.

They even offer a small free plan for you to try before upgrading. Free you say?! I’m game!

It allows you to sell up to 5 items, so I dove into my prints folder and picked my top 5. Not only are they photos that I love, but ones that I can imagine someone being able to add to their home decor.

With all that said please click the image to be taken to my storefront on Big Cartel. Browse around and if you have any feedback there is a contact form on there, please use it! Oh and share with your family & friends….Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else to help spread the word of my budding store!!

More will be added within the month. This is just a start to see how I like the site. If you should so decide that one of these photos would look great in your home please know, too, that shipping is free!

Organic Bloom Frames

Don’t forget I am a seller for Organic Bloom Frames. Click here for information on my blog. Their frames are so unique and gorgeous. Order now for Christmas presents! They have cute little ornament size frames perfect for gifting!!


Photo by Pure7Studios

Check out this 30×40 Mary Ann frame. Talk about getting that “wow factor”.

Here are 2 10×10 Johnny Frames and a 20×30 Audrey.

Let me help you get that “wow factor” for your home!

WED {Autumn Colors}

Wow! We have had some cooler temps the last fews day and some really chilly mornings!! Doesn’t it tease you and make you want Autumn to hurry and get here? I Do! I’m ready for blue jeans and layers, boots, leggings, and fall pictures!

If you haven’t been with me since I’ve started this WED – Wednesday, and are wondering why I do this let me tell you. WED is short for Wednesday Etsy Day (how creative I know! I better stick to photography and sewing ha!) Etsy is an online site full of different “stores” by different creators. All items are handmade or vintage or supplies for crafters. Not a lot of people know about Etsy and so I decided to feature some Etsy finds every other Wednesday here on my blog. I want you all to see the vast array of items you can find there that someone made with love! Hey, maybe you make something and could benefit by having an Etsy storefront!!


Enjoy browsing Etsy!

WED {Dots}

Along with loving the color gray I have a thing with dots. Who doesn’t love polka dots?! Maybe not as a theme throughout your entire home but a pillow or seat cover with dots adds something playful to any decor. Earlier I tried creating my own treasury of dot items that I loved. I was 3 items away from being done and then…”OH NO!” I accidently hit the back button on the wrong internet tab and buh-bye!! So here are some other fabulous treasuries done by other Etsy shoppers that did not have an “OH NO!” moment….Enjoy!

(Don’t forget you can click on the individual treasuries to be taken to it on Etsy so you can further explore each item and store.) 

Also stayed tuned for a post about a DIY project I did!!

Wednesday Etsy Day…WED {Time}

It’s what we all want more of. It passes too quick during wonderful times and too slow during painful times. No one can control it and most fear the loss of it. Here’s simple scripture:

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it – Psalm 118:24”

We live in such a fast paced world that we forget to just stop and take some time……..

And because I just happened to come across this treasury and I love the color!

Wednesday Etsy Day {Gray}

Formerly, Wednesday Doesn’t Rhyme with Anything, which was a mouth full. And not in a good way like when I have a mouth full of my mom’s cake. Do we all agree? Awesome, lets start shopping.

Ok I LOVE gray…love love love it! I love it with white for a super nice clean fresh look. I love it with yellow for that spectacular pop of color. I love it because it’s neutral without being boring. In honor of this love of mine I’ve collected some Etsy treasuries that feature, none other than….the color gray. (And it is grAy in America, grEy in Europe, so I’ve been told) Please click on the images to go to the Etsy page for ordering or to browse other finds.