Photos for Your Home

I love taking pictures! Aren’t you glad since that is what I’ve decided to do with my life!? Even when I’m not taking photos for clients I am snapping away, whether I’m on vacation, driving down my country roads, or just walking around outside. This has left me with some quite spectacular images in a file folder on my hard drive. I just think it’d be rude of me to leave those there and not share them with you. I’ve been wanting to sell my prints for a long time now but never found an easy online way to do so. Etsy doesn’t provide an easy way for me to offer one print with different sizes and paper types. I’d have to create a separate listing for each one….no thank you! Ebay, no offense to anyone using it, makes me feel cheap. I don’t want anyone bidding on my stuff. I want you to see a price and that’s the price. Also, now I have a way to give you high quality products that can be shipped directly to you.

So within my wonderful circle of Facebook businesses I follow daily I’d kept hearing of this other thing called Big Cartel that a lot of prop makers use to sell their products. They said it was super easy and the cost of having one was really reasonable. So this past week I looked into it and was surprised to see how professional their “stores” appear.

They even offer a small free plan for you to try before upgrading. Free you say?! I’m game!

It allows you to sell up to 5 items, so I dove into my prints folder and picked my top 5. Not only are they photos that I love, but ones that I can imagine someone being able to add to their home decor.

With all that said please click the image to be taken to my storefront on Big Cartel. Browse around and if you have any feedback there is a contact form on there, please use it! Oh and share with your family & friends….Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else to help spread the word of my budding store!!

More will be added within the month. This is just a start to see how I like the site. If you should so decide that one of these photos would look great in your home please know, too, that shipping is free!

Good News!!

Okay actually is not good news….its amazing, fantabulous news!!!! I just came back from vacation, visiting my sister and family in WA state, where I relaxed and escaped the blistering TX heat. And upon coming to terms with going back to reality and my 9-5 I realized that I just needed to DO SOMETHING…so I gave my notice today after work….and I have no plans….no job offers….no job searching….and a rental lease that is up in September. I plan to stay at my current position until the end of September, we have to find someone and then I have a lot to train them on.

{quickly if you are unaware of what my “normal” job is I will give you a run through – I manage the office of a small interior design firm in Fort Worth, TX. Basically it’s just the two owners, myself, and a part time lady. I manage books for 4 companies that make up the entire firm, process all the design orders, answer phones, run sales, A/R, A/P, payroll, taxes, inventory, design ads, maintain the website, and also act as a personal assist to the owner and her husband who owns one of the four companies.} Did you pull your hair out reading that???

I feel like a have the world at my feet and I coudn’t be happier!! I would love to find something to where I can devote more time with this business. I’m just excited to see what happens next and where I might go. I’m young, no kids, no husband or boyfriend for that matter so I’m basically free to spread my wings….and I think I’ll do just that!!

While I’ve got you here I wanted to share some images of my trip. I took over 1000 and these are just a few I couldn’t wait to edit. Enjoy! And I truly hope all of you are living a happy life, because life is way too short to be unhappy and YOU can change that!