Siblings {T&L}

Do you remember the sweet twins I photographed last month? (Click here if you need a little help remembering) Well here are their older brother and sister. This was actually my first experience with these two and boy did we have fun. Little Miss Lexi is quite the model. And Tatum?? You’d be so surprised about how well the boys do in front of the camera. I know I’ve been! They’re usually the ones saying, “Hey lets do this!” or “Take my picture here!” haha! Totally ¬†not what I would expect, but hey I love it!!

Ok so I know that these won’t be blown up for the hallway but I just love the way he’s teasing his sweet sister while she’s trying to give me her all for the camera!! These can be used when they’re older and she can say “See what you used to do to me!!!” ha ha

Isn’t she divine?! Oh and that head piece is awesome, too, right?! Okay I’m patting myself on the back because I made it ūüôā It does take you straight to her eyes though, and they are stunning.

He had a lot of energy and I was sooo happy to get some really good shots of him. Why can’t I have energy like that anymore? Oh yea, I’m old and I have to drink a pot of coffee just to wake up!

No way! We’re not hugging! Uh uh, nope!
I heard all those remarks and thought to myself, how can I do this. So I did what always works to get kids to do what you want….I tricked them into a challenge!! hehe I said, “Your mom told me you wouldn’t hug. She thinks you won’t do it. Let’s prove her wrong! On three 1…2….3!!!” Then when I told Lexi to move in a smidgen closer Tatum cracked up laughing and pulled away. That’s a brother for ya!

Told ya, my little model. She totally worked it!! Oh and that other head piece on the right…..yep you guessed it, I made that one, too!!

He wouldn’t admit it, but he secretly had a good time! I mean, can’t you tell by that smile?!

The sun light was perfect, the kids and I had fun. We laughed, we raced (Tatum won!), and ended up with some awesome photos. What more can you ask for?!

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Until next time, God Bless!!

Never Enough {For Sale}

If you know me personally you probably know that I have a ton of creative energy and photography just doesn’t get it all out. So in between shoots I am pretty much always making something, whether it be for¬† myself, Christmas presents (I made almost all mine last year), or to sell.

I previously posted how I tried my hand at making fabric flower¬†rosettes and after wearing some that I had created I started to get the feeling that people would buy them. Or threaten me within an inch of my life if I didn’t make them one *cough, Missy!* ¬†I don’t have a ton made up but I have enough to show examples to sell and take orders if needed.

I will not be putting these in my Etsy shop but will sell directly to you. I will also be putting some at Sobo Fashion Lounge in Fort Worth where I already sell my pillows.

  • The bobby pins are $2.95 each.
  • The hair clips are made on either an alligator clip or snapping barrette and are $15 each.
  • Necklaces are $29
  • Brooches range from $6 – $9
  • Headbands coming soon!

Confession: These were made while listening to the World Series from the other room in an effort to calm me down. Didn’t work!

DIY {Rosettes}

Pinterest has once again paid off. I have admired these fabric rosettes for a long time now and until Pinterest never even attempted to make them. I found a great video tutorial here and began right away. I twisted and glued until my hands cramped….took a break….then twisted and glued some more!! Here are a few that I came up with,

Then after a fun trip to Joann’s fabric/craft store in Fort Worth I had all the supplies to turn these into a wonderful, fun handmade headband!!

These cost me almost nothing to make. The purple fabric was a pillow case I bought from Ross months ago for another project, the other fabric was free scraps from my old job, the center embellishments were in my stash. The only things I had to buy were the actual headband and the felt to line in the underside for a finished look. While at Joann’s I loaded up on a few more Fall fabrics and embellishments. I will also be making some hair clips. I’ll keep posting pictures as I make them up! Most I will use for photo sessions, so if you have a little girl I will be ready!! Let me know if you’ve attempted these. I’d love to see what you’ve made!

WED {Autumn Colors}

Wow! We have had some cooler temps the last fews day and some really chilly mornings!! Doesn’t it tease you and make you want Autumn to hurry and get here? I Do! I’m ready for blue jeans and layers, boots, leggings, and fall pictures!

If you haven’t been with me since I’ve started this WED –¬†Wednesday, and are wondering why I do this let me tell you. WED is short for Wednesday Etsy Day (how creative I know! I better stick to photography and sewing ha!) Etsy is an online site full of different “stores” by different creators. All items are handmade or vintage or supplies for crafters. Not a lot of people know about Etsy and so I decided to feature some Etsy finds every other Wednesday here on my blog. I want you all to see the vast array of items you can find there that someone made with love! Hey, maybe you make something and could benefit by having an Etsy storefront!!


Enjoy browsing Etsy!

DIY Project [Lamp]

My parent’s don’t have to worry about me being an “I can’t” person. Ya know, the downer, the pessimist. Well,¬†at least not¬†when it comes to projects and being crafty. When I see something and like it but am unwilling to spend my money on it, the following phrase is usually the reason: “I can do that”. It¬†can be a good thing¬†because I really can save $ by¬†making things myself. For example, I’ve recently taken up crocheting again¬†for all my baby props. Even though I get called¬†old lady for it! (My dearest friend, you know¬†who are you if you’re reading this)¬†On the other hand I say it so much that there’s literally not enough time to make everything I would otherwise buy, so I end up without a lot of things.

Pinterest. Heard of it? Understand it? Scared of it? Addicted??
My answers: yes, no, yes, not yet.

I hate the beginning when learning a new online social thing. I hate not understanding and feeling like I’m not using it to its full potential. The previous reasons being why it’s taken me so long to start “pinning”. So, hey, if¬†you’ve got any pointers please leave them here or if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you may do so there too. Now those 2 fellas I understand!

Despite my frustration I did find a DIY project within the first hour of browsing around and decided I could do it and tackled it the following evening. Here is my version of the Ruffled Lamp Shady by Crafty Texas Girls

The dreaded before lamp I’ve been using for way too long¬†.

When I first got it I tried dressing it up with some scrap trim I had. This had to come off.

Next cutting 3″ wide strips of linen. She used muslin but I didn’t want to go to the store and I already had linen.

This made lots of ruffles, but this isn’t even all of them!

Glue gun on and begin….

Done! So cute, right?!

Here’s a side by side comparison.

I really enjoyed this little project and think I’ll hang on to this lamp for a bit longer now!

Happy DIYing!

Wednesday Etsy Day…WED {Time}

It’s what we all want more of. It passes too quick during wonderful times and too slow during painful times. No one can control it and most fear the loss of it. Here’s simple scripture:

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it – Psalm 118:24”

We live in such a fast paced world that we forget to just stop and take some time……..

And because I just happened to come across this treasury and I love the color!

Wednesday Etsy Day {Gray}

Formerly, Wednesday Doesn’t Rhyme with Anything, which was a mouth full. And not in a good way like when I have a mouth full of my mom’s cake. Do we all agree? Awesome, lets start shopping.

Ok I LOVE gray…love love love it! I love it with white for a super nice clean fresh look. I love it with yellow for that spectacular pop of color. I love it because it’s neutral without being boring. In honor of this love of mine I’ve collected some Etsy treasuries that feature, none other than….the color gray. (And it is grAy in America, grEy in Europe, so I’ve been told) Please click on the images to go to the Etsy page for ordering or to browse other finds.



Wednesday Doesn’t Rhyme with Anything {July 4th}

As it’s turning out, maybe I’m only doing the Wednesday thing every other week ūüėČ I know I won’t post one next week as I’ll be on vacation. Maybe later on I’ll get a better hang of it and it will become a weekly publication. Until then…..This week’s¬†topic was pretty easy to decide on.¬† Buuuutt, to spice things up today instead of highlighting several shops I’m going to post snapshots of Etsy Treasuries by other members in a July 4th theme. Confused??…just scroll down.

Happy 4th to all of you!

Wednesday Doesn’t Rhyme with Anything {Father’s Day}

Probably the hardest person to shop handmade for, but I went on an Etsy search and found some interesting things for Dad or Grandpa.

For the Beach Bum
$73 by AmizantiBeach Blanket- Beach Life Survival Kit

For the Beer Lover
$11.50 by BandA PrintsBeer Lovers - Collage Print

For the Spicey Cook
$4.25 by Gusto SpiceGusto's Hot Seasons Spicy-spice Sampler - Hot Sauce, Chili, Veggies and More

For the God Fearing Dad
$40.00 by Twelve JewelsFine Silver Circle Embossed Cross Pendant on chain or leather

For the New Dad
$40.00 by LoveyDudsReady To Ship-ORGANIC COTTON- Black-Newborn to Toddler-DVD Included

For the Dressy Dad
$32.00 by KMurphyDesignsCustom Photo CuffLinks - Silver  - Resin Waterproof - Father's Day, Dad, Groom, Groomsmen - Perfect for Gifts

The Necessity
$40.00 by LeatherwerksTooled Leather Steam Trunk Wallet

For the Rocker
$8.75 by noahbear1 Custom Aluminum Guitar Pick Key Chain

For every Dad
$4.00 by starshapedpressDad...You're The Best letterpress card

Wednesday Doesn’t Rhyme with Anything {Rug Time}

So instead of talking about 3 different stores I like this week {yes I skipped last week, I’m dealing with it you can too :)} I’ve picked a subject and will show you the different products I’ve found handmade by Etsy artisans. The subject {rugs}.

Number Uno
Handpainted door mat, $28. By JenniferRedford
Hand Painted Damask Doormat

Salvaged fabric crocheted into rugs. Love these fresh designs. Pink $55 Blue $80 by Ekra
EKRA Pretty Pink Garden Round Crochet Upcycled Area RugEKRA Round White Heart Black Crochet Upcycled Area Rug

Nothing better than green & blue together! Crocheted rugs. Blue/Grn Mix $60 Cream w/Stripe $70 by sosorosey
Cotton Rug (Sea Dream)Cotton Ric Rac Rug (Aqua and Avocado on Ecru)

Quatre {that’s French in case you thought I was making up words!}
Love the clean look with white/beige. Made from recycled Tshirts. $64 by Green At Heart32" cream and tan braided rug created from recycled t shirts

Five {I’m keepin you on your toes huh?}
This is so cool. I love the punch of colors and the hide. Never seen anything like it. $530 by Arbol DesignsPatchwork Hide Rug - Beige with Dyed Squares

What I’d have if money wasn’t an issue. $1200 by EnRoute StudioSunshine Rug

Sei {Little Italiano for ya}
Can only imagine how soft this is. Organic Mohair. Again if money wasn’t an issue. $10,000 by Green WebsCustom Made Organic Mohair Fleece Rug - Handwoven and Handknotted

Hope that this has opened your eyes a little more on what you can buy handmade. Thanks for stopping by!