Washington Reminder

Just wanted to remind any Washington readers out there that I do have time to take on some sessions while I am here. After driving around now for over a week I’m dying for a photo shoot! There are so many ideas running through my mind!

Offer only available until July 21, 2012. Please try and book a week in advance if possible. Whatcom County area.

If you would like to pass this information on to friends/family please use this link: http://linnyjo.zenfolio.com/washington  It takes you to my website rather than this post. Thank you so much! Looking forward to taking some great photos while I’m in this beautiful place!!

Strawberry Pickin’ {Boxx Berry Farm}

Monday my niece and I visited Boxx Berry Farm to pick our own strawberries from their fields. I’ve never done this before and with “homegrown” and “organic” being on the rise I was excited to do it.

First of all, let me just tell you how blown away I am by all the GREEN around here!! It’s so beautiful!

We grab our bucket, get told which aisle to start on, and get to pickin’!! Well, obviously Amanda gets started while I’m snapping photos.  Aunt Chris if you get to read this….I now know how you felt when we were growing up and why you always had that camera of yours out!!

Here is my niece’s shot of me! Not too bad, eh?!

We ended up picking almost 5lbs. of strawberries! But at less than $2/pound it was well worth it.

I had the nice young lady working there take our photo. We wanted to start eating them on the drive home but decided we’d better wash the dirt of first! It was worth the wait to have them as our dessert after dinner. They were the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten!! I honestly didn’t know how terrible store bought berries were until now. I don’t think I can ever eat those again!

If you are in Whatcom County and haven’t been to Boxx Berry Farm I highly suggest doing so! It’s a great venture to take the kids to while they’re out for summer.

Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5:30 pm,  Sunday  10-3:30 pm.  You must show up a half hour before closing to pick.

I looked ahead and the raspberry season will open sometime after July 5th. Blueberry season will begin after July 15th. I’ll be back to pick those for sure!!

Cheers to happy and healthy eating!

Travel Deals {WA State Only}

I can finally say in 7 days I’ll be on my way to see my sister!!! One week baby!! I’ve been looking forward to this for months now and pretty soon I’ll be leaving the Texas heat for my water front getaway….sorry Texas peeps!

Funny enough I just received a call last week from the wonderful family that I met and took photos for last year. We’re gearing up to update the family photo…can’t wait!!

I am offering special, WA only, photo packages just for my trip. Here are the details:


(3) 8x10s (3) 5x7s and a bonus gift


(1) 11×14 (4) 8x10s (4) 5x7s and a bonus gift


If you are interested in hiring me please email at linnyjodesigns@ymail.com with a potential date that you would like to reserve. Typically I ask for a deposit but since the prices are so low I’m asking for the entire session be paid for in advance to reserve your date. I want to make absolute sure that I’m not wasting a vacation day with my family for a client who may or may not show up. I know you’ll show up, but it will put my mind at ease if we play by the rules 🙂

I really hope to meet more people on my extended visit. I really love it up there. Oh my geez….before I go on and forget one of the most important sessions I hope to do up there….SENIOR 2013!!! I have a wonderful senior package and know that most schools require seniors to have their sessions completed early (new to me, please correct me if I’m wrong). Please email me for further info on Senior 2013 photo sessions. Photographing seniors is so different and fun than anything else I photograph!! I’ll be there for 5 weeks so I can definitely fit you in! So go shopping, get your props ready and let’s have some fun!!

Please note that if you are in Canada I can travel to you or vise versa. So all you near Blaine, WA like White Rock, Langley, Surrey, Delta….you’re within decent driving distance. However, I only take US dollars hehe! 🙂

Washington…and Canada….I’ll be seeing you real soon! 🙂

Ready to Go!

It’s finally official! Meaning, the tickets have been bought! I’ll be in Washington for 5 whole weeks this summer!!! I leave June 19th and return July 24th. I am so beyond ready for a change of scenery and to see my family up there!! Yes, to any family/friends reading this down here, I will miss you! But geez I see YOU all the time! haha

I leave from Dallas Love Field and layover in Albuquerque, NM long enough to hopefully use the restroom, get a bite to eat, and board. Then have a long flight to Sea/Tac where my sister will pick me up and we’ll begin the long 2 1/2 hr drive to Birch Bay.  Total it’s about 6 hours of travel, not including the time change. When we get home my body will think it’s close to 11pm but it will actually be closer to 9pm.

Holy stinkin cow I can’t wait to get there!! I do plan on trying to get some paid sessions while I’m there. Not too many, but it’s so gorgeous up there I want to get a few. I did the last time I was there. I met a family at the pool who had just adopted a sweet little girl to add to the 3 boys they had of their own. I couldn’t help but strike up a conversation and ask if they had a full family photo since receiving their newest blessing. The mother, C, said no and we quickly started planning on how we would make this happen when we were both only in town to visit family for the 4th of July. Luckily we worked it out and had fun driving up to Semiahmoo Bay to take pictures.

This was our favorite from the session. They used it for their Christmas cards, too.

So if you’re reading this and will be in the Birch Bay area and would like to get together for a fun photo session then please shoot me an email!! I will be offering special introductory packages just for the trip! Wondering how it will work out since I’ll be so far from home? Well, fortunately I’m able to be completely mobile. I can order any products as I normally would and have them drop shipped to me up north where I can personally deliver them to you!