Trying New Things | Video

For Christmas my honey upgraded my Nikon D3000 to a full frame Nikon D600. Yes I know, he spoils me!! I’m okay with it though.

Besides the obvious perks of just flat out taking better photos, my favorite thing is the HD video it captures. Whoa I’m blown away!! My first test subjects were our two boxers. Check out the fun footage below.

noah grace 1-5-13 from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

So maybe it isn’t award worthy but I thought it was fun to put together and watch. I made another yesterday of a human being haha My little nephew was my subject and he kept it very interesting…Check it out below 🙂

Thomas | 1.6.13 from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

More to come from my newest hobby!! What are you trying new this year??