Ledger {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford TX Newborn Photographer

Little Ledger (<—awesome name right!!) was a great little client. a_LJP8243 a_LJP8277 a_LJP8307-2His parents brought in this viking hat and it was our last set up. Cutest thing!!_LJP8206-2 _LJP8230 _LJP8263Oh I LOVE back rolls!!_LJP8284 _LJP8294 _LJP8296Ledger is 8 weeks old now and dad said is starting to smile! Oh I can’t wait to see him again!!


Baby Nate 6 Month Session {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford TX Child Photographer

I was so excited when baby Nate’s dad scheduled his 6 month session! I hadn’t seen him since their newborn ordering session and Nate was so very tiny.

Now, at six months he has gained weight and is beginning to sit up!FB1_LJP9026Dad had to be right behind him because Nate was a bit wobbly!a_LJP9041a_LJP8998These tummy shots were fun because he kept rolling over to his back! Let’s just say dad was very busy!a_LJP9007 a_LJP9029He fit so perfectly in this little sleigh and it kept him propped up!

I can’t wait for his 1 year cake smash!!

Christian Women Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram I have found a wonderful community of women entrepreneurs who also are followers of Christ. Often times you’ll see this written in the limited space Instagram gives you for your profile.  It’s amazing -not to mention encouraging- to be able to peek into these women’s lives and see the wonderfulness of things they produce.

They tackle production, marketing, running a household, marriages, and motherhood all while proclaiming their love for Jesus. Often times struggles are share and in return many prayers are sent up. Sometimes the internet and social media can be a bad thing but I’ve seen countless wonderful things out of this community.

I gathered a list of these women (not to say there aren’t more, I just haven’t personally discovered them yet) and what they make/sell. Take a peek and maybe give them your business and support.

jessicaNdesignsjessica n designs
Jessica offers unique vintage silverware that she hand stamps to personalize each piece. Her most popular design is the lower left corner, “a little bit of coffee & a whole lotta Jesus” spoon. She recently made Lauren Conrad a personalized spoon for her and her new fiancé and has gotten A TON of awesome exposure, because…well, obviously LC loved it!!

RaisingUpRubiesraising up rubiesJaime makes the most amazing paper goods. From garlands to gift tags you’ll be in her shop browsing for quite some time. Her wood slice ornaments and mason jar tags are very popular already before Thanksgiving is even here!

Grace and Lacegrace and laceOh my goodness I could do some damage to my bank account here! These are definitely on my Wish List for Christmas! Honestly though I don’t know if I could choose which to get. The boot cuffs are a nifty little accessory. Not to mention the company is a TEXAS company….yeehaw!!

Take the CannolitakethecannoliShe inspired me to make a hoop design for myself and my husband. I believe it was used in the wedding decor but with that day being a big blur I can’t be certain. Her designs are so so so cute.  Follow her Instagram account for updates on new listings. (Everything is sold out at the moment!) Who wouldn’t want one of those hanging on their wall?!

NS PotterynspotteryOkay if you loved the Jesus spoon then you’ll love that these two artists have partnered together to offer a handmade latte mug with one of Jessica’s spoons. Natalie also has the cutest “cup of love” latte mug. When you’ve downed your last drop a beautiful heart waits for you at the bottom of the mug. Make sure to browse her jewelry line as well. Personal fave….scalloped teardrop necklace.

I have MORE to share but will have to continue in a Part 2 post. Let me know in the comments if you know of a woman owned Christian handmade business that I may have missed! My Instagram is @linnyjo I love connecting with new people!

Christmas Tree Farm Sessions Weatherford by LinnyJo Photography

Grab a sweater, scarf, and put on your boots I will be offering Christmas tree farm sessions!! online1 online3

Sessions must take place before November 30th, this is when the Christmas tree farm opens to the public and trees will start to be cut down. Ideal evening times are around 4:00 until 5:00p.m. These photos were taken between 5:00-5:20p.m.online5online4For wardrobe ideas use the photos in this post for reference. Nothing over the top “Christmas” Just think warm sweaters, plaids, in tones of brown, cream, and pops of color!
online6snow_LJP9665sleigh copyAll that’s missing above are your kids!! Please email or call for details and to schedule. 817-613-6734 or linnyjodesigns@ymail.com

online7_LJP9631-2 SNOW copyAs a special bonus you will receive one image with “snow”. It rarely happens in Texas so we can pretend!!

Photography Props by LinnyJo

I’m happy to announce that I am now offering my own line of photography prop sets!! I’ve been making my own props to use as a money saver and decided that I wanted to offer this to other photographers.

_LJP8170 _LJP8175 _LJP8176These sets are designed from the hankies themselves. Everything is made to work together as a layered set or separately for several different looks. _LJP8184 _LJP8952

_LJP8957_LJP8953The bonnets are so soft and fit newborns. They have some stretch to them. I am working on getting some 3-6 months made as well. Below are the chunky layering blankets. I have some lovely fall colors!

_LJP8954Here is an example of my layering blanket and bonnet in use.
_LJP8956All my items are pre made and READY TO SHIP. As a photographer I know the importance of not having to wait for items to be made. I usually procrastinate and miss the deadline for made to order items from other vendors. Once payment is made these props will be shipped immediately. Please visit my Etsy shop for the complete list of products. Thank you for supporting small businesses!!!

Riley Fighter Story {The Gold Hope Project}

Riley is my third little fighter to meet and photograph for The Gold Hope Project. Read below for Riley’s story.The Gold Hope Project

On Dec 7 2012 at 2pm our healthy 3 year old was suddenly diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)He spent a week in the hospital and started intense chemotherapy..He has amazed Doctors with how well he is responding and we know it is because of all the prayers that have been lifted up for him..We believe in the power of PRAYER! 2

The survival rate for this type of cancer is 95% and the process is at minimum a 3 years…We believe God has fully healed him and restored his body and that he will be a testimony and inspiration to all that meet him!!! 3

Riley had so much wonderful energy that day for the photo shoot. He was laughing, running, and playing. Also, talking non-stop about super heros and how the Hulk was is favorite!4 5 6 7Riley’s beads are very important. Each one has a special meaning, a needle prick, a hospital stay and so on.  It’s not easy seeing a precious child in this condition.  Raising awareness for childhood cancer is vital in finding a cure and providing treatment. 8 9

Only a very small percentage of cancer research funds goes towards childhood cancer. Wanna know how much? It’s not much, only $195,529,112  of over 5 billion dollars went to pediatric cancers in 2011. BREAST cancer received $625,059,909.  LUNG cancer received $296,814,144.  PROSTATE cancer received $288,326,756.10 11 12
Please take a moment and watch Riley’s video I made just for him below.

The Gold Hope Project | Riley from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

There are 92 drugs that are specific to pediatric disorders, conditions and illnesses. Not one is a chemotherapy or related to childhood cancers. Leukemia, by far, is the most expensive pediatric cancer to treat. (mean cost of $47,000 per stay)
Stay tuned to The Gold Hope Project, there are fund raising efforts in the future. Please go like their Facebook page as well to learn about other fighters.

Brabson Family Photo {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford TX Family Photographer

I usually don’t accept family photo sessions (not one of my favorite things) but when this family wanted some pictures I didn’t hesitate. I’ve known them for forever, watched all the littles grow up into adults. They are such a beautiful family!!

weatherford family in front of old barn a_DSC5525 a_DSC5552 a_DSC5559 a_DSC5589 a_DSC5617


Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in time for your sweet family!!