Please contact me with your questions.
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Phone |   817.613.6734

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If you are wanting to schedule a session please answer the following questions. You can cut and paste them in your email.

How many people are to be photographed?

What kind of session will this be? (e.g. family, bridal, engagement, etc)

Will there be an overall theme? (e.g. rustic, urban, city chic, holiday, etc)

Is there a certain place you are wanting the shoot to take place?

What dates are you wanting to shoot? Please give me your top 3 dates in case your top one is already taken.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I was actually just wondering if you did weddings as well?
    And if so, how much do you charge?
    What do you charge for engagement by itself and bridal by itself?
    What is the cost for both bridal and engagement together?
    Are there any packages?

  2. Hi Nicole! I charge $150 for engagements and $350 for bridals. If you booked both with me I’ll take 15% off the total. I honestly haven’t done any weddings yet. I’m not equipt to do indoor photography as of yet…that’s a goal I’m striving for….as that requires extra flashes and such. If it’s an outdoor wedding I’d be more comfortable with the setup I have. If you would email me with more details, like location of events and dates I’d love to work with you!

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