Composites and some changes

I wanted to show you real quick how the composites work. Mostly so you could see that the baby was safe the entire time. Please note that this was my very first time so don’t judge too harshly! 🙂

Last week I came across a really good blanket editing tutorial and for the life of me I can’t find it again. As soon as I do I’ll update this post because it’s totally worth sharing. I wanted to see what the image looked like with a girly pink blanket. This let me realize how yellow her skin was, reflection of all the yellow around her plus a tiny bit jaundice. I was able to tone it way down. Maybe yellow isn’t the best newborn color. Eh you live and learn. I like the image either way. What do you think?

I’ve done this pose once since capturing it here. We were outside and baby was in a bowl. I didn’t push to get both hands under chin so we did it with just one and I cannot wait to share it!!! Meeting with the mom soon so keep an eye out for the post!

Also there’s a lot of hoopla going around regarding Facebook and it charging business pages to promote their pages. I’ve always known not to rely on Facebook as my main source of marketing, but it was just so darn easy and convenient!! So with this new change it’s forced me to make changes of my own….that I’ve been putting off. I will be posting more frequently here and updating my website to host for information. Facebook is now 3rd on my list.

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Newborn Goodness {Tinsley}

Twenty-four years ago I had a pesky little brother. Twenty-four years ago she had two pesky older brothers. When we moved next door to her family we both found that perfect little friend in each other. One that would play barbies without having to blow them up. We entered kindergarten together and finished HS together. She went to college, I got a job. We still remained close friends.

I feel like I had some years of going rogue, living an hour away and with a bf she didn’t quite care for made staying super close a little difficult. But as they say, boys come and go but our friendship has remained strong throughout whatever came our way.

She got married in “08, I was maid-of-honor. I love her and her DH. They had already been together since HS so wanting a baby was quickly on their minds after marriage.

However, we now know that God’s timing didn’t quite match up with theirs. On April 3, 2012 they were finally blessed with their first baby, a girl named Tinsley. She has rocked their world in the best of ways!!

I love how a tiny little newborn who wants nothing more than to eat and sleep can come into a house and run it better than any high ranked military official. haha

I could not wait to get her in front of my camera!!! She was 7 days new when she had her first photo shoot.

(yes there will be a zillion more in her future)
Disclaimer: the above two shots are composites. mom’s hands NEVER left baby. please do not try letting baby hold itself up!

I had never successfully gained that pose before and told my friend if I got nothing else I was getting this shot!!! Luckily for me Tinsley was deep asleep and let us pose her, aahhhhh sigh of relief and accomplishment!! haha

And of course since she was born the week of Easter we had to do a bunny shot!

The words do not exist for how happy I am for my friend. These past nearly 2 months of watching Tinsley grow have been amazing. We will be face-timing like crazy for the weeks that I’m up north! She’s going to practically be a new baby by the time I come back 😦 And she’ll be ready for her next photo shoot!

(all accessories except for the very first poses – bonnets, headbands – were made by yours truly)

Happy New Year {2011 in Review}

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. I pigged out on not-so-healthy foods with some pretty fabulous peeps. When I wasn’t doing that I was making everyone laugh at my outrageous answers to Catchphrase. Oh my, that game is so fun with the right people!! We stopped long enough to catch the broadcast of the countdown at about 1 minute and rang in the New Year. Then I got to wake up this morning to watch Tom and Jerry with the cutest little 4 year old on the planet. I was also privileged enough to watch him play Ben 10 on his DS. Boy am I lucky!! haha

Since the start of a new year is all about reflection I want to show a photo (or two) from sessions from each month of 2011. Hopefully we’ll see some progression in my work. So here goes….


February – None professionally taken











So there’s my year in photos. I can’t wait to have another great year. It feels really good to start 2012 knowing I have the most amazing job I could ever want. Not only that but amazing friends and family that are so supportive and give me so much motivation to succeed. I thank the Lord daily (sometimes more!) for all my blessings, no matter how small.

Looking forward I want to travel, even if it’s only to WA state again, and take more photos for me….how I see the world.  I also hope to establish a studio this year. That’s a big time goal. I want that so bad!! A place to showcase all my work and run my business. It’s so exciting to think about!! It will happen, I just have to be patient and work my way towards it.

Oh and get ready in April to start seeing tons of photos of a certain little baby girl. My best friend (since we were 4) is having her first baby!! That child will have soooo many photo sessions she’ll think she’s a movie star!! I’ll have my own little model to practice on.

Here’s my other little model (the cutest 4 year old I talked about earlier) from yesterday.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my clients. You are helping me live my dream. I love getting know each and every one of you and look forward to many more sessions. Keep spreading the word! ha ha Once again Happy New Year and God Bless!!

Baby Daphne

I had the greatest pleasure of photographing Lil Miss Daphne as she was 13 days new. I had heard she was tiny but when I entered their home and saw her sleeping, cradled in her boppy she took my breath away. You hear “tiny” and, sure, you think you know what that is, but until you see this little angel you really aren’t grasping the full meaning of that little word.

Daphne had a rough beginning, spending her first week of her life in the NICU. While we were soothing her during the shoot momma was telling me how hard it was to not be able to hold her for all the tubes and wires. Daphne’s making up for it now, she’s a great little cuddler!!! I stole a few moments myself!!!

She was so good during the 2 hour shoot. Only messied a few of my things haha! Hey that’s what babies do! I wanted to take her home, she’s such a little doll!

Thank you Scott, Valerie, Daphne…and Dallas! I had so much fun!

Little Cal’s Sneak Peek

Since beginning my photography journey I have had the most fun being able to photograph my dear friends’ children. The fact that they trust me and hire me to do so is such an honor!! I’d like to introduce to you, Mr. Calvin, 1 month old.

These are done under my Creme de la Creme newborn sessions that are $165. This particular session was done in the client’s home using natural light. I find it’s easier for mom and baby when I’m the one traveling to them. All baby’s things are there and mom doesn’t have to pack up the nursery!! However, I do newborn sessions at my small studio space in Weatherford as well. I’d love to discuss your little arrival with you, so please see all my information under the Contact tab!!


Sneak Peek – Kaitlie

Woke up very excited this morning, early on a Saturday…usually I’m not excited about that haha…but on this morning I was going to be shooting my first newborn….the others have been 4 and 5 weeks old so not really “newborn”.  I’ve taken her older sisters’ pictures (look under Photography > Little Ones > Camp Girls) and now her debut portraits. I truly have found what I enjoy doing soooo much ( so much like I said I happily get up early on the weekends!) Let me introduce to you Miss Kaitlie, 7 days new.

Please click the photography tab for current packages and prices. Happy Saturday!

P.S. Also proud of myself because I made that cute little hat!