2013 Newborns in Review {Weatherford Newborn Photographer} LinnyJo Photography

I thought I’d take a quick trip down memory lane at the wonderful newborns I was so honored to photograph last year. I hope as you scroll through the images you not only will smile but also see the progress I’ve worked so hard for.

online1DSC_1897 copy 8x10_DSC4905 _DSC5247 copy online1 online_DSC6662 online _DSC7428 online_LJP8277 a_LJP8104 online_LJP9889This year has already started out wonderful with newborn sessions. I can’t wait to see what all 2014 brings for LinnyJo Photography!!

Newborn Photographer Quick Tip {Little Hand} LinnyJo Photography Weatherford Tx

Hi! I wanted to share a quick tip to help you during your newborn session. Newborn sessions are a bit stressful when you’re still in the early stages of learning. This is just a little tip that can take a photo to “ok” to “I got it!” and it’s super easy.

What’s funny about the photos I’m going to use is that this isn’t a newborn, he’s actually 3 months old but the pose is a newborn pose so it still works.

online_LJP0852Here I’ve placed him on my newborn poser bag and have slightly padded under his head. I was so fearful of waking him….he had just fallen asleep and I desperately wanted this shot…so I did minimal movements with him.

I kept his diaper on and tried to tuck his knees and cross his ankles but this was as far as they would go with all the bulk. You can still see plenty of back creases so I was happy with it.

The tip is about his little fist in front of his mouth. This was a strong characteristic of little man…hand in the fist…hand in mouth. So I told mom I would take a safe shot and then try to move it. Taking a safe shot is good advice, too. If there’s just one or two little things that you want to change, wait. Take a safe shot, then make those final adjustments. That way if the baby startles while making those movements and wakes up, cries, doesn’t fall back asleep at least you’ve got that safe shot.

online_LJP0857All I’ve done here is move his little hand up under his cheek. From doing just this one little change you can now see his full face.

blogHere’s a good close up of the difference. Now mind you I didn’t quickly pick up his head and cram the hand under. It’s takes a few minutes and several slow precise steps, but be patient you’ll get there!!blog newborn handNow here’s an example from a past newborn session. I had to dig through the archives to find a good one. See what a difference it makes?!

//Tech specs (for top set of photos):

Camera Body – D600
Lens – 50 1.4mm
Focal Length – 3.5
ISO – 125
Shutter – 1/200
Alien Bees Flash used.

I hope this helps you!!

Tree Farm Cal and Briggs {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford Tx

Who doesn’t love to see a little boy whose eyes light up around his big brother? Oh man, Briggs just adores Cal and vice versa. They had fun walking and exploring around all the Christmas trees at the farm in Weatherford. The sun was still high in the sky but I was still able to capture some amazing rays.online_LJP0007 online_LJP0009 online_LJP0013 online_LJP0021 online_LJP0024 online_LJP0029 online_LJP0033 online_LJP9956 online_LJP9957 online_LJP9963 online_LJP9978 online_LJP9997

Baby Nate 6 Month Session {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford TX Child Photographer

I was so excited when baby Nate’s dad scheduled his 6 month session! I hadn’t seen him since their newborn ordering session and Nate was so very tiny.

Now, at six months he has gained weight and is beginning to sit up!FB1_LJP9026Dad had to be right behind him because Nate was a bit wobbly!a_LJP9041a_LJP8998These tummy shots were fun because he kept rolling over to his back! Let’s just say dad was very busy!a_LJP9007 a_LJP9029He fit so perfectly in this little sleigh and it kept him propped up!

I can’t wait for his 1 year cake smash!!

Newborn Hailey | Weatherford Newborn Photographer | LinnyJo Photography

I went to HS with Hailey’s dad. He contacted me after she was born and we rushed to get her newborn photos taken ASAP. Hailey wasn’t within the typical “newborn” time frame but we managed to get some AH-MAY-ZING shots of her!!! One in particular I fell in love with and ordered a 24×30 print for the studio. Meet little Hailey Jean 17 days old…


online2 online3 X_DSC5415 copy X_DSC5419 copy X_DSC5431 copy X_DSC5445 copy X_DSC5456 copy X_DSC5461 copy X_DSC5481 copy

Harper is 1 | Weatherford Children’s Photographer | LinnyJo Photography

Miss Harper turned 1 and I had the privilege of taking her One Year photos that included a fantastic Cake Smash!! She was so serious about eating her wonderful cake her momma made her! I’ll admit freely that I also had a little snack of cake at the end of the session, too! 🙂DSC_4181 DSC_4185 DSC_4186 DSC_4231 DSC_4256 copy DSC_4270 DSC_4274 DSC_4288 DSC_4291 DSC_4306 DSC_4308 DSC_4320 DSC_4326 DSC_4329