Spring Cleaning

I’m thinking its the coming of Spring but oh my goodness I have been in the most organization/cleaning mode I’ve ever been in!! Has it hit you yet? The mornings are the best  with the cool weather, mid afternoon I need a break, but then the evenings rock again!

I’m staying with my parents as I get my business up and going and so the organization/cleaning has been happening at their place, not my own. Sunday I forced my dad to take down an old shed that was about to fall down anyways. We emptied it, took boards down off two sides, then he pulled the rest down. We are saving the tin roof and some of the wood but most is so old we can’t salvage it. We worked all Sunday and my prize was a slight sunburn, the first of 2012. In it’s place we’ll build a replacement building that will serve as storage and a garden shed, since it’s located right by the garden. Before and after pictures will be posted as the build starts.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday I start cleaning out the tiniest room we have in the house. It’s so tiny that it becomes disorderly super fast. Old carpet (that was just laying there) is out. Tons of stuff was donated to Goodwill today and more was trashed. The closet got cleaned out today and I took the door off. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for craft room ideas and I am so blown away by what some lucky people get to have!!!! I started a “Craft Room Inspiration” Board if you’d like to check it out.

The room is only about 9×9 with one wall taken up by windows, one the has the closet, one has the entry door, leaving only one clean wall. I’ve got lots of ideas and I can’t wait to get it completely empty so we can get started! I just found this linoleum lacquer stuff  and am thinking about painting the floor and putting some sort of stencil on it. Way cheaper and more creative than replacing it all together! I’ve taken many photos of the progress and look forward to photographing the final result.

If you’ve got a craft room you’re super proud of I’d LOVE to see it!! Post a link in the comment section!! Or if you need to start a craft room project, too, let’s do it together and share ideas, inspiration, progress, and final results!!! That would be so fun! Comment below and let me know!!

Never Enough {For Sale}

If you know me personally you probably know that I have a ton of creative energy and photography just doesn’t get it all out. So in between shoots I am pretty much always making something, whether it be for  myself, Christmas presents (I made almost all mine last year), or to sell.

I previously posted how I tried my hand at making fabric flower rosettes and after wearing some that I had created I started to get the feeling that people would buy them. Or threaten me within an inch of my life if I didn’t make them one *cough, Missy!*  I don’t have a ton made up but I have enough to show examples to sell and take orders if needed.

I will not be putting these in my Etsy shop but will sell directly to you. I will also be putting some at Sobo Fashion Lounge in Fort Worth where I already sell my pillows.

  • The bobby pins are $2.95 each.
  • The hair clips are made on either an alligator clip or snapping barrette and are $15 each.
  • Necklaces are $29
  • Brooches range from $6 – $9
  • Headbands coming soon!

Confession: These were made while listening to the World Series from the other room in an effort to calm me down. Didn’t work!