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So you’ve come here to learn about LinnyJo Designs. Well, LinnyJo Designs officially started early summer of 2010, June to be exact. I (LinnyJo – I’ll explain the name later) have always been creating, starting as a small child. My older sister and I would sew Barbie clothes together. Glue, glitter, paper, scissors, fabrics….you name it I was creating with it.

Sewing Modern Day
I took up sewing on a machine in 2008. I wanted to make throw pillows and taught myself how to read a pattern and plan a design. I tackled a pretty hard pillow right from the start, just to make myself do it. I totally fell in love with the whole design/creating process to the end result of a pretty pillow. I only use high quality materials and I rarely make any two pillows alike. I now sell them on an online site called

I didn’t realize my love for photography until about 2009. I knew I liked it but never thought of taking to the professional level. I mean I hadn’t any training or anything. What helped me realize it was my hobby with Photoshop. You see, I spent some time (1 ½ yrs) at Westwood College Online working towards a bachelor’s degree in visual communications. Long story short, I loved the classes and almost had a 4.0 GPA but it was a private school and the loans started piling up and I had to back away. So I thought I would just continue teaching myself more about the things that interested me. Then after I bought my first Nikon I was completely hooked. Now I was able to control the entire shot process!

So it’s safe to say that I love to create and stretch my imagination. I love everything that I do and want you too, as well. Nothing I create is short of 100% of my best. It’s always fun to branch out and try new ideas and hopefully you’ll have fun along with me!

The name Linny was given to me by 3 of my closest friends in elementary. I’m 28 and the girls still call me that, and now so do their kids! My middle name is Jo and so was born LinnyJo!

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