New Prop Shop {Quaint Lil’ Props}

Since I’ve started making and selling props for photographers I LOVE it! If you know me personally you probably know that I love to craft. I’ve been crafting since I was little. My sister and I would hand make Barbie clothes!

My Etsy shop got a mini makeover these last several months. Yesterday it changed from plain “LinnyJo” to Quaint Lil’ Props.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.37.10 AMI think the name gives shoppers an idea of what my products are before they even scroll through them all. My newest product is a mini yo-yo quilt prop.  I adore these so much!

_LJP1053I hand make each little yo-yo and then assemble by hand sewing each one together. These are very time consuming to make but are so worth it.

_LJP1055If you are a newborn photographer who loves to add a vintage touch to your sets then these are just what you need! Who didn’t have a great grandmother who had these yo-yo quilts??

_LJP1079 online_LJP1076Because these are time consuming don’t expect me to have a lot ready to ship. I currently have two that are ready to ship. I also will be taking preorders.  They are not an Etsy item. Head over to my new store on Big Cartel to purchase. Why a new shop you ask? I love Etsy but I’m ready to transition to a different selling platform. I’ll be slowly moving my items over this year. So bookmark the new store to know when I add new mini yo-yo quilts!!



Why I don’t offer digital images

It’s the question of the day for any photographer. As soon as anyone becomes even slightly interested in booking a session these five little words usually flow right out…”Do you offer a CD?”

Get ready for a completely no holds barred view of this topic.

I offered CDs in the very beginning like any other newbie with a camera. “You want to hire me?” OMG! “You’ll pay me $50 for the entire session plus images on a CD?” WOW I’m rolling in the dough!! “You mean I can spend only a few hours from session to basic editing to delivering the disk and get paid?” Call me a photographer because here I come with my DSLR! (How this has become a standard practice in becoming a photographer is beyond me and I wish it would stop)

When I became a legit photographer, meaning I set up a business, and began running it as a business not just someone taking photos, I quit selling CDs. I researched professional photography labs and ordered samples. I studied how images looked on my monitor vs what they sent me. I signed up.

There are several reasons why I don’t offer digitals.

1) Once I hand over that hi-res digital my earnings stop. That little tiny digital image caps my sale. It’s over after that. Unless you realize drug store prints suck and then you’ll BEG me to order for you. Therefore, my price will have to be high enough to make me okay with never seeing another penny from you until the next session.

2) Chances are very high those digitals will sit on that CD or flash drive in your purse, desk, junk drawer, wherever and not get printed. Oh your intentions are good, but life happens and well all that money you paid me to take your newborn, family, senior’s portraits is pretty well wasted.

3) Loss of professional control. I can hoot and holler and give clients all the information about copyright laws, but there is no way I can ever know when someone does something they’re not supposed to.  I’m talking down to cropping an image that I shot with a specific composition or changing a color image to a horrid interpretation of B&W thanks to some free software. When someone sees my work and it’s been changed it stills reflects ME and dangit I want my work to look awesome!

4)  Touching on what I mentioned in reason #1…drug store print labs (Walgreen, Walmart, CVS, etc) are NOT going to print your images the way I edited them. You are going to be 100% happier with images ordered from my professional lab.  Don’t believe me check out this link or this one. I don’t want your time and money wasted on this issue.

When people ask about the CDs I try and figure out why they want it and offer a solution without offering the disk.

– “I want to share online” Great! Your photos are fabulous and I don’t blame you for wanting to share with friends and family. LinnyJo Photography gives you social media sized, watermarked images of the files you purchased to upload and share. We also offer a personalized App for all your devices with your entire gallery of images. The app can be downloaded to an unlimited amount of devices so everyone in the family can have it if they want!

– “I want to print cards/books/etc” LinnyJo Photography offers many products including books, announcements, cards, framed prints.

– “I want to print my images cheaper somewhere else” Oooh, well see my reason #4 above. Also, my services are not for deal seekers. Plain and simple. I offer more of a service to my clients than just a cd of images.

With all this said I still understand the “want” for digitals and am currently trying to find a compromise to satisfy my clients and keep me in business.

You might be thinking “Geez this lady doesn’t want a lot of clients if she’s picky about offering digitals.” Well, I don’t need a lot of clients I just need the right clients. I love photography but I don’t want 30 sessions a month. This year I’m focusing on quality not quantity. I also value my time…a lot actually. My husband is gone a lot with work and I love to have an easy schedule where when he’s home we can spend time together.

Anyhow, I hope this sheds some light on my business and how I think.  I love all my clients and look forward to this year!!! Please leave me any kind of feedback in the comment section.

Newborn Photographer Quick Tip {Little Hand} LinnyJo Photography Weatherford Tx

Hi! I wanted to share a quick tip to help you during your newborn session. Newborn sessions are a bit stressful when you’re still in the early stages of learning. This is just a little tip that can take a photo to “ok” to “I got it!” and it’s super easy.

What’s funny about the photos I’m going to use is that this isn’t a newborn, he’s actually 3 months old but the pose is a newborn pose so it still works.

online_LJP0852Here I’ve placed him on my newborn poser bag and have slightly padded under his head. I was so fearful of waking him….he had just fallen asleep and I desperately wanted this shot…so I did minimal movements with him.

I kept his diaper on and tried to tuck his knees and cross his ankles but this was as far as they would go with all the bulk. You can still see plenty of back creases so I was happy with it.

The tip is about his little fist in front of his mouth. This was a strong characteristic of little man…hand in the fist…hand in mouth. So I told mom I would take a safe shot and then try to move it. Taking a safe shot is good advice, too. If there’s just one or two little things that you want to change, wait. Take a safe shot, then make those final adjustments. That way if the baby startles while making those movements and wakes up, cries, doesn’t fall back asleep at least you’ve got that safe shot.

online_LJP0857All I’ve done here is move his little hand up under his cheek. From doing just this one little change you can now see his full face.

blogHere’s a good close up of the difference. Now mind you I didn’t quickly pick up his head and cram the hand under. It’s takes a few minutes and several slow precise steps, but be patient you’ll get there!!blog newborn handNow here’s an example from a past newborn session. I had to dig through the archives to find a good one. See what a difference it makes?!

//Tech specs (for top set of photos):

Camera Body – D600
Lens – 50 1.4mm
Focal Length – 3.5
ISO – 125
Shutter – 1/200
Alien Bees Flash used.

I hope this helps you!!

Tree Farm Cal and Briggs {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford Tx

Who doesn’t love to see a little boy whose eyes light up around his big brother? Oh man, Briggs just adores Cal and vice versa. They had fun walking and exploring around all the Christmas trees at the farm in Weatherford. The sun was still high in the sky but I was still able to capture some amazing rays.online_LJP0007 online_LJP0009 online_LJP0013 online_LJP0021 online_LJP0024 online_LJP0029 online_LJP0033 online_LJP9956 online_LJP9957 online_LJP9963 online_LJP9978 online_LJP9997

Newborn Photographer Ashcraft Twins {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford Tx

My first set of twin newborns are in the books! Boy was I nervous! Turns out twin sessions aren’t so bad! _LJP8006 _LJP8011 _LJP8056 _LJP8060 _LJP8070 _LJP8090 _LJP8101 _LJP8104 _LJP8116 _LJP8147Their dad is a firefighter (if you couldn’t tell) and mom and dad brought in all the props. Not only was it my first twin session but also the first time I’ve had a mom and dad want in the photos. I wish more parents jumped in with their newborns! I HIGHLY recommend it!!