Texas Sunset Outdoor Couple Shoot | LinnyJo Photography

This couple just got married!!! Yay!! They had an intimate ceremony at the county JP and then met with me later that evening for a sunset shoot to celebrate.¬†online1 online2 I had so much fun shooting on his family’s land. It’s always nice to have new surroundings!online3 online4 online5 online6

online9 online7 online8Congrats you two!!!

Riley Fighter Story {The Gold Hope Project}

Riley is my third little fighter to meet and photograph for The Gold Hope Project. Read below for Riley’s story.The Gold Hope Project

On Dec 7 2012 at 2pm our healthy 3 year old was suddenly diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)He spent a week in the hospital and started intense chemotherapy..He has amazed Doctors with how well he is responding and we know it is because of all the prayers that have been lifted up for him..We believe in the power of PRAYER! 2

The survival rate for this type of cancer is 95% and the process is at minimum a 3 years…We believe God has fully healed him and restored his body and that he will be a testimony and inspiration to all that meet him!!! 3

Riley had so much wonderful energy that day for the photo shoot. He was laughing, running, and playing. Also, talking non-stop about super heros and how the Hulk was is favorite!4 5 6 7Riley’s beads are very important. Each one has a special meaning, a needle prick, a hospital stay and so on. ¬†It’s not easy seeing a precious child in this condition. ¬†Raising awareness for childhood cancer is vital in finding a cure and providing treatment.¬†8 9

Only a very small percentage of cancer research funds goes towards childhood cancer. Wanna know how much? It’s not much, only $195,529,112 ¬†of over 5 billion dollars went to pediatric cancers in 2011.¬†BREAST¬†cancer received $625,059,909.¬†¬†LUNG¬†cancer received $296,814,144.¬†¬†PROSTATE¬†cancer received $288,326,756.10 11 12
Please take a moment and watch Riley’s video I made just for him below.

The Gold Hope Project | Riley from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

There are 92 drugs that are specific to pediatric disorders, conditions and illnesses. Not one is a chemotherapy or related to childhood cancers. Leukemia, by far, is the most expensive pediatric cancer to treat. (mean cost of $47,000 per stay)
Stay tuned to The Gold Hope Project, there are fund raising efforts in the future. Please go like their Facebook page as well to learn about other fighters.

Brabson Family Photo {LinnyJo Photography} Weatherford TX Family Photographer

I usually don’t accept family photo sessions (not one of my favorite things) but when this family wanted some pictures I didn’t hesitate. I’ve known them for forever, watched all the littles grow up into adults. They are such a beautiful family!!

weatherford family in front of old barn a_DSC5525 a_DSC5552 a_DSC5559 a_DSC5589 a_DSC5617


Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in time for your sweet family!!