Our 1 year Anniversary

One year ago today my life changed forever. I met Douglas.
One year ago tomorrow I knew he was “the one”.

IMG_5482 One of our first pictures together.

What started as a random Facebook messaging conversation led to over a year of casual chitchat on and off. We had a few mutual friends; some were my close relatives so I didn’t believe he was a psycho murderer or anything.

IMG_5697 October at the Galleria in Dallas

Actually looking back we wonder how we didn’t meet a long time ago. He was in my aunt and uncle’s Sunday school class. I didn’t attend obviously at that time. He had, I think, one college class with my best friend. And we just figured out that he drove his cousin to my parent’s house when we threw my brother’s 18th birthday party and sat waiting in his truck!!! I was 19, drinking and acting like a 19 year old, all the while my future husband, that I didn’t even know, was sitting in a vehicle in front of our house!!!

That summer while in WA I surrendered my life over to the Lord again and was ready to begin a new straighter path towards Him. I came home feeling so much better about my life. Meeting Douglas only proves how much He cares for us and wants us to be happy. When I say he is a gift from above, I truly, 100% mean that. I felt like God gave him to me when He knew I was ready to receive such a wonderful gift.

IMG_7630 April 2013

Sometimes when we see all of our close friends and family find their mate we start to doubt ourselves. We think “what’s wrong with me?” Only as I’m able to look back do I see where if I had casually met Douglas way back – when I was pleading for God to give me the man of my dreams NOW – it wouldn’t have worked because I was not ready. There were things I needed to go through and move past. I’m able to see where God guided me back to where I needed to be in order for this relationship to make it long term.

IMG_7162 His birthday 3-7-13

We’ve been through so much in just a year’s time, good and bad. Everything has made us stronger as a couple. We pray for one another and when he’s home we look forward to going to the church that we’ve picked for ourselves. That right there was a huge decision for us. I was so hesitant to move out of my home church but we worked through as a couple and have found one we both really enjoy.

IMG_9121 After church 7-21-13

We’ve been through sickness – okay maybe just my sickness, but it’s been enough sickness for two people. Moving houses…very recently. A litter of 8 puppies, one of which became very sick (Jr.) and we had to put down. It tore us both up to have to make that decision. The opening of my studio and him changing jobs. His work schedule is so crazy, we never know when he’ll be home or for how long. We soak up every minute when he’s home because he could get the call and be gone the next day. (oil field work)

IMG_7956 IMG_7992 IMG_7364 Douglas with Jr. – Us with Jr. – Him with a new pup

Some trips it’s plenty and we’re able to get errands done, chores that I can’t do myself, and spend time with family. My nephew who is 5 just adores him! I can walk into a room and Thomas will say, “Where’s Douglas? Is he coming?” Oh thanks buddy, nice to see you, too!! Makes my heart happy!!!

IMG_8260 IMG_6987 At Mother’s Day dinner 2013 – Shopping with Thomas Feb 2013

My family loves him. He says even more than they love me…whatever! I think they love him so much because they can see how much he loves me.

IMG_6433 Feeding my BF’s baby 12-18-12

Am I saying all this to paint only a pretty picture of us? Okay this is all nice and dreamy but where’s the real dirt you ask? No, not every day is perfect. Yes we have arguments. And yes there are times when I thank God I’m tiny compared to Douglas because if not I just might kill him J

IMG_8911 Us 7-3-13

It is a real open honest relationship. One like nothing I’ve had before. One I am so very thankful for every day….365 to be exact. Love you honey and can’t wait for many more adventures with you!!

DSC_2793 Oct 2012