Newborn Hailey | Weatherford Newborn Photographer | LinnyJo Photography

I went to HS with Hailey’s dad. He contacted me after she was born and we rushed to get her newborn photos taken ASAP. Hailey wasn’t within the typical “newborn” time frame but we managed to get some AH-MAY-ZING shots of her!!! One in particular I fell in love with and ordered a 24×30 print for the studio. Meet little Hailey Jean 17 days old…


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Shay Senior Pics | Weatherford Photographer | LinnyJo Photography

Shay was my very first male senior client, but let me tell you he was soooo easy to photograph! Maybe he took lessons from his older “model” brother. Either way he made my job easy that day!

Shay graduated from Brock HS…Go Eagles!!! He is genuinely sweet and super polite! Even had to text his mother during the session to tell her so!

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Harper is 1 | Weatherford Children’s Photographer | LinnyJo Photography

Miss Harper turned 1 and I had the privilege of taking her One Year photos that included a fantastic Cake Smash!! She was so serious about eating her wonderful cake her momma made her! I’ll admit freely that I also had a little snack of cake at the end of the session, too! 🙂DSC_4181 DSC_4185 DSC_4186 DSC_4231 DSC_4256 copy DSC_4270 DSC_4274 DSC_4288 DSC_4291 DSC_4306 DSC_4308 DSC_4320 DSC_4326 DSC_4329

Hermann Birth | LinnyJo Photography

I am so excited to finally share with you all the experience I had during my first birth session. Katie and Tom entrusted me with the most important task of documenting their son’s arrival into this world. We had never met prior to this, only spoke to Katie on the phone, and they were so very welcoming and gracious to me.

Katie chose to have her son naturally with only her husband – Tom, doula – Laura, and very little hospital staff. The room was dim. Only one light over the sink was on. Katie came prepared with her iPod and speaker dock playing a variety of soothing, uplifting Christian music. The melodies at times seemed to be soundtracking on cue the events and emotions of the room. God was present and His miracle of birth was set in motion.

It didn’t take long before Katie was ready to enter into the waters of the birthing tub. Some women want to be left alone during this process but Katie wanted, needed, all the support she could get.


Not being a man or a husband, I can only imagine what it must be like to have the love of your life going through so much pain and not really being able to do much. Let me tell you, Tom did more than he probably realizes. Every contraction, every movement, every moment – he was right there giving Katie exactly what she needed most – support. Having your first child is scary and there are lots of unknowns.


Her labor started early that morning. I received a text at 8:00am saying “Just a heads up…!” I arrived at the hospital in Fort Worth, TX about an hour after they did around 2:00pm. Little Noah made his grand debut into the world at 8:14pm. If you were in the room chances are you were crying. I know I was. What a blessing to see a life being born. To see parents so already in love with their brand new baby. To see a momma who didn’t have a drop of medicinal relief all day finally hold her son. A son she worked so hard for. A son named Noah.


It is incredible to witness how within seconds those labor pains add up to nothing compared to holding that little bundle. She was as different as night and day. Now, smiling and laughing and simply gushing over how perfect he was. Also, stating how hungry she was!

I invite you to experience this all through the video I made.

Hermann Birth | LinnyJo Photography from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

A few comments from Katie:

How important was it to have all this documented?
I had no idea going into our birth how much it would mean to me on the other side to have it documented. The emotions and craziness of the day are so overwhelming, that I didn’t process all the details the way I thought I’d be able to. Going back to these photos and this video bring so many emotions as I get to relive that and see the team I had around me that day. I think what makes me tear up more than anything is watching the expressions on my husbands face, the love and encouragement he provided the whole day that I was only partially aware of at the time. We’ve also loved having those moments documented because we chose not to have family in the delivery room, and it’s been special to go back and let our moms see the details of how everything went and let them share that experience with us.

Going through our birth planning, we had originally chosen not to bring a birth photographer but after this offer I am so thankful that we have these memories to cherish! I will definitely want to capture these same memories with future children.

After watching the video, how likely are you to recommend this service to other moms? Why?
Absolutely! I gave most of the reasons I guess in the above answer, but there is just so much you miss when you’re in labor and although the pain isn’t over too quickly, the whole process almost seemed over faster than I could process it after nine months of preparation. The moments captured in the video have allowed me to relive the beautiful experiences that were happening outside of the pain, and relive the joy of meeting our son for the first time. It’s an incredible gift.

We are so so thankful for you to have provided this for us! The pain and work of that day could easily seem overwhelming and take precedence over other memories, but the video and photos have given me such a beautiful picture of the miracle that happened that day.