And She’s One!! | Tinsley | LinnyJo Photography | Weatherford, TX

Ya know that feeling when you have something wonderful planned, a vacation or wedding, but it’s not until the next year? The feeling of wondering how you’ll ever make a year go by quickly to get to that moment you can’t wait for? Then it seems that year just crawls by…

Why is it then, when a child is born that first year just FLIES by?!?! Seriously. They go from a tiny little blob to a crawling (sometimes walking) little mini person with a personality. How does that happen?

This little peanut was born last year to my best friend and has changed our lives completely. Ya know how when all you do is watch her and then you ask each other what you did before she was born…yea that happens.

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We also had fun doing a cake smash in the studio. She loved digging in the cake!! Can’t you tell?! haha

smash1 smash2 smash3 smash4

So again, Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can’t wait to see what this next year brings us!!

And the Winners Are….!

The giveaway is over and its time to announce the two lucky winners!!

Up for grabs were 2 Etsy gift cards! 1st place gets $50 and 2nd place receives $25 to spend at their choice of Etsy stores (that accept gift cards)

Please help me congratulate the 1st prize winner…

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¬†And the 2nd prize winner…


Ladies, look for your gift card to arrive in your inbox within the next two weeks!! Thanks for playing!!

Spring in Texas | Bluebonnets

bluebonnet1I love that Spring is showing up here in N. Texas. The bluebonnets are popping up everywhere!!

I was out driving down just a few roads near my house hopeful to find a large spread of bluebonnets to use for photos, but I only found these few. They were actually in front of where my great-grandparent’s house used to be. I like to drive slowly by and sometimes stop to look at the flat earth where the house and barns stood. These beauties were a nice reminder of all the great family times we had there.



Giveaway Time!!

I’m nearing 700 likes on Facebook (699 to be exact). I thought this would be a great time to get the page closer to 1000 and spread some love to all my wonderful followers! I mean I couldn’t do what I do without your support and I truly appreciate each and every one of you! You’re there through the busy times and the low times.

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