The Gold Hope Project | Alexander

Right before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting little Alexander. He showed up true to form in his complete cowboy get up.  Here’s a little bit about this amazing little man:

He turned 3 in January 2012 and got sick on January 26, 2012 with seemed to be a sinus infection. On February 6, 2012, that he has T-Cell (T) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) standard risk. He began the fight for his very young life. Alexander failed to go into remission with the first rounds of chemo and was moved to High Risk category. Alexander would need a stem cell transplant to give him the best possible chance of living a long life. On June 26, 2012 Alexander got the much-needed stem cells! He is currently at home in recovery and doing great!

Alexander is an awesome little guy: at 4 years old, he loves to play from the second he gets up until the very last moment before he goes to sleep. Whether he is playing in a group with friends or by himself, he seems to truly enjoy every single day. He loves to read, play guitar, sing, play with hot wheels, go to movies, but most of all – he loves to watch and play bucking bulls and rodeo.

About a year ago, he saw a girl in the yard next door and drove past her in his electric jeep and introduced himself as Cowboy Alex of the PBR. That may come from the fact that he loves bull riding and watches a lot of Professional Bull Rider’s Association (PBR). He is also somewhat of a flirt!

online1 online2 online3 online4 online5 online6 online7 online8Alexander was my very first Gold Session and I’ve had one more since. Please visit The Gold Hope Project on Facebook to keep up with all these amazing fighter stories. Hopefully by summer or fall we will have our non-profit status and that’s when the really FUN stuff will start. We need more awareness and funding for childhood cancers.

Did you know that in 2011 the NCI budget was $5.196 billion.  BREAST cancer received $625,059,909.  LUNG cancer received $296,814,144.  PROSTATE cancer received $288,326,756 and research for ALL types pediatric cancers was only $195,529,112.

That’s not going to cut it people!! For more facts visit this page.

I’m so humbled to be part of this organization. I can’t wait to see what’s in our future. If you are a photographer who’d like to participate, we are opening applications back up beginning Feb. 15 until March 1st. Click here to apply.

Making of a bonnet | Video

Itching to make a video today. Raining outside – already made a video of that. Hmmmm….I’ll make a short video showing clips of me making a bonnet! Not instructional. Just entertainment. I love making these sweet little props!

Total time making the bonnet would’ve been close to maybe 45 min start to finish. With making the video it took FOREVER! haha

Making of a bonnet | LinnyJo from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

I’ll have a super sweet video to share next, hopefully, if all goes well Thursday!! Stay tuned!

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Lots Going On

Feeding off my last post I wanted to let you know there’s been lots going on behind-the-scenes at LinnyJo Designs.

I’m gearing up for what will hopefully be my best year yet!!

Here’s a little peek of what I’ve been doing (excuse the cell phone pics)

Photo Jan 18, 7 50 52 PM Photo Jan 19, 6 01 40 PM Photo Jan 19, 8 21 43 PM Photo Jan 21, 5 32 58 PMTop to bottom: PVC pipes for backdrop stand assembly, 4 yards of vinyl for newborn posing nest assembly, me sewing the vinyl together, and the final backdrop stand completed.

I’d show you the newborn nest completed but I don’t have the bean bag filler in yet so it just looks like a shapeless lump of vinyl. Hopefully it will arrive by the end of the week. I’m so excited to see it done!! And for my first use out of it!

I’ve ordered some cute Valentine’s Day props and of course I’m making a few of my own. Hoping it all comes together in the next week or two so I can offer some Valentine’s sessions for the babies.

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That’s it for now!!


This Year | 2013

Inevitably with each new year comes a need or desire for change. There’s a charge of motivation to make the new year better than the last. With my photography I’ve always strived to be better than I was yesterday. Once I’m done editing and delivering a shoot (and criticizing myself) I’m ready to conquer the next.

There isn’t a shoot that I’m ever 100% happy with. EVER. It’s not the client’s fault and they never know. They love the images and move on. I am my worst critic. Hands down. Thank the Lord I have people around me to motivate me and tell me how great my images are.

It’s a long road to reach the point in my career where I can say… “Okay I’m really good.”

My area is saturated with photographers and it seems a new one pops up every week or so. Someone got a new camera and here they come with their portfolio building prices and mediocre work. I can dog em because at one point I was one! Okay! I do believe my work is better than theirs. I think it’s okay to admit that. Is it so much better though that a mom wants to book me for 3x’s the price….<insert inner struggle>. If you ask my loving man he’ll say it absolutely is, plus more.

Here’s where I’m at with it all.

2013 will be MY year!! I feel it’s going to be a lot of stepping out of my comfort zone to find what I really LOVE to photograph. I will set myself apart from the crowd and be a photographer that people can’t wait to book a session with. I love making people happy! I feel like it’s all been just okay so far. Being just okay isn’t going to cut it this year. My sessions will start to become more of an experience than just a photo shoot. I’m not sure if my little area is ready for this but I’m going to give it my absolute all.

I love taking pictures too much just to have a mediocre business. I do. I flippin love taking pictures!!! haha You know what else I love to do…being creative. So look for more stylized shoots. Not meaning more props. I’ve always been a minimalist on props. What I mean is more planning. More discussing wardrobe and locations. I’ll include make-up and hair. I’m teaming up with an amazing make-up artist and I can’t wait for it to really get going!!

As we speak my senior package is changing. Any one can take a girl out on location and snap some great photos of her and then take her money. I want to give her an experience she can’t wait to tell all her friends about. I want her to feel like the super model she is.

I’m going to continue to learn. Online workshops, tutorials, blogs, magazines, trial and error, it’s getting in my brain.

My biggest and most ambitious goal will be to have a studio space. I feel like I’m missing out on meeting new clients by not having a professional place where they can stop by and see my work. Also, my newborn sessions really really need this. I adore taking newborn photos and it’s really been slow for now. I can shoot in people’s homes and it works. It’d just be better to have a studio set up.

Anyway I felt like I needed to get this out there for it to be real. Also, for you all – my potential and current clients – to know what’s in store. I hope you are as excited as I am. Hey and if you have any thing that you’d love to see me do or add to my sessions feel free to let me know!!

Happy 2013 to you all!!!

Trying New Things | Video

For Christmas my honey upgraded my Nikon D3000 to a full frame Nikon D600. Yes I know, he spoils me!! I’m okay with it though.

Besides the obvious perks of just flat out taking better photos, my favorite thing is the HD video it captures. Whoa I’m blown away!! My first test subjects were our two boxers. Check out the fun footage below.

noah grace 1-5-13 from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

So maybe it isn’t award worthy but I thought it was fun to put together and watch. I made another yesterday of a human being haha My little nephew was my subject and he kept it very interesting…Check it out below 🙂

Thomas | 1.6.13 from Melinda Fain on Vimeo.

More to come from my newest hobby!! What are you trying new this year??

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year readers!!!

I am coming off of the holidays and jumping right into Valentine’s Day. I wanted to do something special for several women. So I’ve partnered with a wonderful make up artist who is bringing a hair dresser and we are going to pamper and primp 5 special ladies while giving them sexy photos for the men in their lives.

valentines boudoir ad smallThis is my first time organizing such an event and I can’t wait!!! Hopefully all will go well and I can offer more! Sessions to be held in Weatherford, TX on Jan 26th. Only 5 time slots available so get yours quick!!

We’re going all out for you!