Sweet K {Impromptu Shoot}

The other day I was coming home from a session and I still had the urge to take photos. The weather was perfect and the sunset was just starting. I have a close friend who lives on my way home so I called her and asked if I could “borrow” her littlest for a quick shoot to get my photo fix. Of course she said yes! I had just painted this crate a baby pink but hadn’t used it yet and she happen to have an Easter dress with the tags still on it that went with it beautifully. The headband was another thing I just happen to have with me and finished off the look. I’m seriously a mobile prop photographer! My Jeep always stays with the back seats folded down and props and things everywhere! Anyone else in the same boat??

So we pulled this off in like 20 min!

She is the sweetest baby!!

I’m going to extend the heads up to anyone I’ve ever photographed before living in the Brock area….don’t be shocked if I call you on the fly!!

My First Wedding {Part II}

There was just no way I could pack all the pictures in one post. Well, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t have all of them done at the time!!! Whew! I’m learning what work goes in to being a wedding photographer that’s for sure! I’ve really enjoyed it though, the pictures (I think) turned out really good and I’m so proud of them. Not to mention (because I totally didn’t last post) I had a great second shooter to help me out that day. Thank you Scotty for being there! Your presence alone with that second camera kept me calm! Oh and it was his first wedding to shoot, too! Man the bride sure did trust us. 🙂

So apparently the guys needed a little visual help in putting the ties on!Oh was it windy! Didn’t leave us with a lot of choices outside.Aren’t they all beautiful?!

The moment of truth…..will he do it?  She held her own pretty good!!They exited under a rain of bubbles.Just look at that happiness!! Can’t you just feel it!The vintage truck doing it’s final duty. Gosh I love that thing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as well as my commentary! I plan on starting off slow and doing 2-3 weddings per year. So if you or someone you know needs a photographer for a wedding I’m available!!

Quick little note: Just wanted to say thanks to my wonderful family/friends who knew going into this I was nervous and sent me sweet texts the day of and encouraged me all along the way. It means the world to me!!! Love you all!