My First Wedding {Part I}

I didn’t ever expect to be a wedding photographer. I mean let’s face it, that idea is very daunting!! However when friend asked fully knowing I hadn’t ever shot one (not even as a second shooter) I decided to test myself and take the plunge!! I’m soooo glad I did! Yes, leading up to it I was a frantic mess, but when the time came all that washed away and things went so well!

Is this something I’m going to continue…well…maybe on a limited amount. I’m thinking two a year haha That might be good to do until I really decide based on more experience. 

This was the verse that was on their wedding invitations. So lovely.

The ceremony was so perfect. Instead of the unity candle or sand they did a rope ceremony. I had never heard of it before this and it’s pretty cool!

Before the wedding they did not see each other but we had her come out behind him so they could say hi and talk beforehand.It was very moving to witness such love and emotions right before the big event. I had to hold back a few tears so I could keep shooting.

There are many more photos to share so I had to break it up into parts. Part II to come soon!!

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