My First Wedding {Part I}

I didn’t ever expect to be a wedding photographer. I mean let’s face it, that idea is very daunting!! However when friend asked fully knowing I hadn’t ever shot one (not even as a second shooter) I decided to test myself and take the plunge!! I’m soooo glad I did! Yes, leading up to it I was a frantic mess, but when the time came all that washed away and things went so well!

Is this something I’m going to continue…well…maybe on a limited amount. I’m thinking two a year haha That might be good to do until I really decide based on more experience. 

This was the verse that was on their wedding invitations. So lovely.

The ceremony was so perfect. Instead of the unity candle or sand they did a rope ceremony. I had never heard of it before this and it’s pretty cool!

Before the wedding they did not see each other but we had her come out behind him so they could say hi and talk beforehand.It was very moving to witness such love and emotions right before the big event. I had to hold back a few tears so I could keep shooting.

There are many more photos to share so I had to break it up into parts. Part II to come soon!!

Bridals {Sam}

This gallery contains 6 photos.

It’s finally time to show you the wonderful bridals I got to take several weeks ago!!! We had a windy, cloudy day but we worked with the elements and everything turned out fabulous!!! Isn’t she stunning?! Do you remember this … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

I’m thinking its the coming of Spring but oh my goodness I have been in the most organization/cleaning mode I’ve ever been in!! Has it hit you yet? The mornings are the best  with the cool weather, mid afternoon I need a break, but then the evenings rock again!

I’m staying with my parents as I get my business up and going and so the organization/cleaning has been happening at their place, not my own. Sunday I forced my dad to take down an old shed that was about to fall down anyways. We emptied it, took boards down off two sides, then he pulled the rest down. We are saving the tin roof and some of the wood but most is so old we can’t salvage it. We worked all Sunday and my prize was a slight sunburn, the first of 2012. In it’s place we’ll build a replacement building that will serve as storage and a garden shed, since it’s located right by the garden. Before and after pictures will be posted as the build starts.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday I start cleaning out the tiniest room we have in the house. It’s so tiny that it becomes disorderly super fast. Old carpet (that was just laying there) is out. Tons of stuff was donated to Goodwill today and more was trashed. The closet got cleaned out today and I took the door off. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for craft room ideas and I am so blown away by what some lucky people get to have!!!! I started a “Craft Room Inspiration” Board if you’d like to check it out.

The room is only about 9×9 with one wall taken up by windows, one the has the closet, one has the entry door, leaving only one clean wall. I’ve got lots of ideas and I can’t wait to get it completely empty so we can get started! I just found this linoleum lacquer stuff  and am thinking about painting the floor and putting some sort of stencil on it. Way cheaper and more creative than replacing it all together! I’ve taken many photos of the progress and look forward to photographing the final result.

If you’ve got a craft room you’re super proud of I’d LOVE to see it!! Post a link in the comment section!! Or if you need to start a craft room project, too, let’s do it together and share ideas, inspiration, progress, and final results!!! That would be so fun! Comment below and let me know!!

Uncommon Sizes

Earlier I gave you some info on how print sizes affect image cropping. I also started my push towards 8×12’s, not 8×10’s and 16×24’s not 16×20’s, etc. We need to get out of the rut of choosing 8×10’s. But why would you when all you can find are 8×10 frames on the store shelves??

Maybe someday soon, the stores will keep them in stock.

Right off hand I’m finding that is the quickest, most trusted, and most cost effective site to purchase frames. Just type in whatever size and they’ll got lots of options. Next, for more custom frames I am suggesting You can order directly through me and have them shipped to your door! These make such an impact on your walls!!

I’m sure you can use a coupon from Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Michaels, etc and custom order a frame. I’m just not sure what the price ranges are. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section below!

Printing Guide

We are so accustomed to the 5x7s, 8x10s, and 16x20s that I feel the need to visually show you why these options are no longer the go-to picks.

Without getting too techy on you (for all you none photogs) the simple reasoning is that the newer cameras take photos at a different size ratio than before. So what used to be an 8×10 is now an 8×12. When you choose the standard 8×10 you will lose some of the image due to cropping and I’m left with deciding which part.

Here’s some examples of sizes. (I didn’t go crazy trying to make everything proportionate as far as the comparison between sizes. I was more focused on where the cropping occurs, but I did my best in the time alloted)  You may click on the image for a larger view.

If you’ve been struggling with printing off your own photos from your camera wondering why some are cropped different I hope this will help explain. Obviously most of this goes out the window when you’ve cropped the image in post production. When I shoot I tend to crop in camera avoiding the need to crop during post production. It all depends on the photographer. What if, for example, you already have the 8×10 frame but you don’t want a cropped image? I would suggest moving down to a 6×9 and buy a mat to fit the frame. Mats are pretty cheap, especially if you’ve got a Hobby Lobby coupon! If you have any questions or comments leave them below!

Gaining a New Perspective

Today was a perfect weather day in my little dot on the map (sometimes we’re not even a dot). Blue, cloudless skies, the sun beaming down its warm rays on my skin, with no risk of sweat because the breeze was constant and cool. Yes, we really soak up days like this because in Texas we rarely get them. In fact, we may get one then have an ice storm the next day.

I was taking the designated lunch break while watching the awe inspiring Sue Bryce over at CreativeLIVE and decided to whip out the iPhone and snap some photos. Like I said we had some nice weather, not just today, so it’s starting to look like Spring with trees and flowers blooming.

I guess it was because of the workshop or something but my mind was totally turned on and open. I’m not going to get all philosophical on you, I don’t have the education for it. However, one thing did strike me though and I’ll illustrate with the photos I took.

You can look at something the same way everyone approaches it and achieve the same mediocre results:

Flowers. Or in this case I think these are common weeds. Even better because the feeling you get when you hear “weeds” is a negative feeling. Nobody loves weeds, they want them gone.

By just changing my view of them I can achieve amazing results! Not feeling anything negative anymore.

Once I realized how amazing my new perspective was I couldn’t stop shooting. We can apply this to all aspects of life don’t you think?

The weeds don’t have it so bad do they?
(until we mow)