How Do I {Fill in the Space Pt 1}

You live in a  home. Maybe you own it, maybe its a rental. You might have everything decorated and updated just the way you like it or your home could be a work in progress. (Still not loving the floral wallpaper in the bathroom? I get it!) Whatever the current condition may be it is still your home. It’s where you raise your family. It’s where after a certain time you opt to be on a Saturday night rather than going “out”.

Another thing about your home is it’s where you can show your personality and show off your family! It’s the one and only place that basically is your territory and you get to show visitors just who you are and who your family are.

If you’re spunky and outgoing you may have a funky bright accent wall in the kitchen or living room. If you are a minimalist you might have clean lines and a soft color palette throughout.

How you display your photos needs to reflect your style as well as show off your unbelievably adorable family!!

So you’re asking “How do I?”. I know that big empty wall in the living room is scary and its just easier to leave it blank than actually come up with a way to fill it up.  I also know about the small bathroom and how you think the kids’ rooms are just hopeless.  I’m here to tell you to take a breath and that I’m here to help.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of “How do I?” for inspiration and tips to fill in those gaps and amaze those who enter your home.


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