I ♥ Faces {Oh So Silly!}

The theme for this week’s challenge is “Oh so silly”. We were asked to show a photo that we feel best represents this topic.

So what is sillier than a brother pestering his kid sister?! I couldn’t think of anything. So below is my entry for the contest:

Sweet little sister didn’t know he was back there!!! I had two other photos after this showing her finding out and trying her best to smile for me yet take care of big brother, so funny!!

Please click the link below to view all the other wonderful submissions!!

Valentine’s Day {Special}

I will be running a Valentine’s photo shoot special for $89.

This can be for an infant (not newborn), child, or couple session.

Included in the session will be a set of either Valentine’s Cards or Bookmarks  (set of 25)

Above is the 3×3 Leaf cutout card. It comes in either card stock, linen, or pearl paper, includes envelopes, and is double sided. (my watermark will not appear on your card in that fashion, online purposes only)

The Bookmarks are 2×8 and also come in a set of 25 in card stock, linen, or pearl paper. These are a very trendy way to give out Valentine’s!!

Please use the Contact tab to book your session. I must ask that full payment be made at the time of booking to secure the date. Your product, once ordered, arrives within 2-3 business days.

I am in need of a female model for a boudoir shoot. I’ve never shot one before and will give you 5 images (low res to share online) from the practice shoot on a cd as a thank you!! So if you are interested again contact me here or via Facebook. If you’re not interested tell your girlfriends haha!! This would be a fun Valentine’s gift for a hubby!! Oh I have started a board on Pinterest of different images I feel would best represent how I would shoot a boudoir session so feel free to browse: linnyjo

Engagement {Gilliam}

I know fellow residents of Texas pray for a true winter with freezing temps and snow on the ground. I would like to take this time to apologize for the complete opposite “winter” weather we’ve been having so far this year. My fellow Texans, you see, I believe God is granting me this amazing spring-like weather to keep me able to do photo shoots outdoors, where 95% of my shoots happen. My prayers are being answered and for that I guess I shouldn’t apologize to much!! 🙂

With that said and out of the way, here is a glimpse at the amazing engagement session I shot this past week. We were together for 3 hours with one of those being driving time to the second location. It was everything I had planned and envisioned for the shoot plus some!!! I hope they feel the same way when they see all the photos!

We had an all afternoon shoot at 4 different spots. Two city/urban locations then headed back west to the country for our farm truck shoot. It was sooo much fun! The wind was a little strong but really didn’t get in our way. 

When brainstorming and planning for the shoot I always ask for clients to give me any and all ideas, no matter how small. At first she gave all creative decisions to me but then something happened that sparked an idea for her. She ran out of gas one day and Kyle had to come rescue her!! When I received the message about doing something along those lines I immediately had a vision of an old vintage car/truck on the side of the road with her stranded.

However, I didn’t have a vehicle like that. I wish I did!! Thankfully Samantha has some amazing close family friends who owned a 1949 Chevy truck, completely redone. They let us borrow it for the shoot. I was absolutely floored when I pulled up and saw that shiny old thing sitting in the driveway!!!

Here is our little story of her knight in shining armor rescuing her……

And for fun I replaced the word “Gasoline” on the can with their soon to be shared last name and the wedding date.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how the whole shoot turned out! Next is bridals then I get to shoot my very FIRST wedding. Wish me luck!!

Siblings {T&L}

Do you remember the sweet twins I photographed last month? (Click here if you need a little help remembering) Well here are their older brother and sister. This was actually my first experience with these two and boy did we have fun. Little Miss Lexi is quite the model. And Tatum?? You’d be so surprised about how well the boys do in front of the camera. I know I’ve been! They’re usually the ones saying, “Hey lets do this!” or “Take my picture here!” haha! Totally  not what I would expect, but hey I love it!!

Ok so I know that these won’t be blown up for the hallway but I just love the way he’s teasing his sweet sister while she’s trying to give me her all for the camera!! These can be used when they’re older and she can say “See what you used to do to me!!!” ha ha

Isn’t she divine?! Oh and that head piece is awesome, too, right?! Okay I’m patting myself on the back because I made it 🙂 It does take you straight to her eyes though, and they are stunning.

He had a lot of energy and I was sooo happy to get some really good shots of him. Why can’t I have energy like that anymore? Oh yea, I’m old and I have to drink a pot of coffee just to wake up!

No way! We’re not hugging! Uh uh, nope!
I heard all those remarks and thought to myself, how can I do this. So I did what always works to get kids to do what you want….I tricked them into a challenge!! hehe I said, “Your mom told me you wouldn’t hug. She thinks you won’t do it. Let’s prove her wrong! On three 1…2….3!!!” Then when I told Lexi to move in a smidgen closer Tatum cracked up laughing and pulled away. That’s a brother for ya!

Told ya, my little model. She totally worked it!! Oh and that other head piece on the right…..yep you guessed it, I made that one, too!!

He wouldn’t admit it, but he secretly had a good time! I mean, can’t you tell by that smile?!

The sun light was perfect, the kids and I had fun. We laughed, we raced (Tatum won!), and ended up with some awesome photos. What more can you ask for?!

For info on booking with me please click the Contact tab at the top or leave me a comment below. I would loooove to work with you!

Until next time, God Bless!!

Family Christmas {Farmer}

Not quite sure how long I’ve known this family…years & years. I went to school with all three boys, the youngest (Toby)was in my younger brother’s class. My best friend had the biggest crush on the oldest…ha ha sorry Bryce, but I think that cat was let out of the bag a long time ago!! Now Toby lives with his young bride and their adorable two little boys in Arizona. Momma Farmer was so excited to have all her boys and their families here in TX for Christmas she asked me to come over the day after for family photos. Here’s a little sneak…

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were roaming the high school halls….time flies!!

Happy New Year {2011 in Review}

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. I pigged out on not-so-healthy foods with some pretty fabulous peeps. When I wasn’t doing that I was making everyone laugh at my outrageous answers to Catchphrase. Oh my, that game is so fun with the right people!! We stopped long enough to catch the broadcast of the countdown at about 1 minute and rang in the New Year. Then I got to wake up this morning to watch Tom and Jerry with the cutest little 4 year old on the planet. I was also privileged enough to watch him play Ben 10 on his DS. Boy am I lucky!! haha

Since the start of a new year is all about reflection I want to show a photo (or two) from sessions from each month of 2011. Hopefully we’ll see some progression in my work. So here goes….


February – None professionally taken











So there’s my year in photos. I can’t wait to have another great year. It feels really good to start 2012 knowing I have the most amazing job I could ever want. Not only that but amazing friends and family that are so supportive and give me so much motivation to succeed. I thank the Lord daily (sometimes more!) for all my blessings, no matter how small.

Looking forward I want to travel, even if it’s only to WA state again, and take more photos for me….how I see the world.  I also hope to establish a studio this year. That’s a big time goal. I want that so bad!! A place to showcase all my work and run my business. It’s so exciting to think about!! It will happen, I just have to be patient and work my way towards it.

Oh and get ready in April to start seeing tons of photos of a certain little baby girl. My best friend (since we were 4) is having her first baby!! That child will have soooo many photo sessions she’ll think she’s a movie star!! I’ll have my own little model to practice on.

Here’s my other little model (the cutest 4 year old I talked about earlier) from yesterday.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my clients. You are helping me live my dream. I love getting know each and every one of you and look forward to many more sessions. Keep spreading the word! ha ha Once again Happy New Year and God Bless!!