Change is Gonna Come

Just giving you a friendly reminder of the changes soon to come with my photography. As most of you know right now its a hobby and becoming my full-time livelihood in October.

What’s changing you ask??

  1. My look – I am redesigning my brand/color scheme/etc.
  2. Proofing – Every client will receive mini prints of each photo from the session. (to be returned to me)
  3. Prints – I will no longer be giving digital copies of photos on CDs. Prints will be offered instead.
  4. Pricing – The above will directly affect the cost of packages.
  5. Products – I will showcase more of what I am able to offer you, like canvas prints, books, cards, and more.
  6. Time – I will get to devote so much more to each and every client!! You’ll probably get sick of me!!

I want to take a second to say how much I deeply appreciate all the support and encouragement that I am still receiving!!! I have some really loving people in my life and you know who you are. I only hope that I get the chance to reciprocate the love you’ve all given me. Whew, it’s overwhelming at times, and all I can do is smile, close my eyes, and say a full hearted thank you to my Savior Jesus.  I’m getting emotional right now just thinking about it. All of this is His doing and I’m just the puppet.

I know it’s been extremely hot here (I actually think that’s an understatement) but Fall is around the corner so I’m putting the bug in your ear for Fall portraits, Halloween cards, and, yes, even Christmas cards and gifts. Not saying book them now, I’ll tell you when….ok….go! haha Also, I’m hoping to go do a workshop to better my business and photography skills. If you wouldn’t mind a quick prayer that I would be able to I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!

A little personal update, I am moving in 3 weeks. Nothing, I mean NOTHING is packed yet. It’s all going to storage so I can stay with my wonderful parents while I get this thing up and going. Yay for parents and free living!!!! It’s not going to be easy going from Miss Independent (Yes the Kelly Clarkson song, how did you know?)  to co-existing with parentals again, but it will most definitely be worth it.


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