DIY Project [Lamp]

My parent’s don’t have to worry about me being an “I can’t” person. Ya know, the downer, the pessimist. Well, at least not when it comes to projects and being crafty. When I see something and like it but am unwilling to spend my money on it, the following phrase is usually the reason: “I can do that”. It can be a good thing because I really can save $ by making things myself. For example, I’ve recently taken up crocheting again for all my baby props. Even though I get called old lady for it! (My dearest friend, you know who are you if you’re reading this) On the other hand I say it so much that there’s literally not enough time to make everything I would otherwise buy, so I end up without a lot of things.

Pinterest. Heard of it? Understand it? Scared of it? Addicted??
My answers: yes, no, yes, not yet.

I hate the beginning when learning a new online social thing. I hate not understanding and feeling like I’m not using it to its full potential. The previous reasons being why it’s taken me so long to start “pinning”. So, hey, if you’ve got any pointers please leave them here or if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you may do so there too. Now those 2 fellas I understand!

Despite my frustration I did find a DIY project within the first hour of browsing around and decided I could do it and tackled it the following evening. Here is my version of the Ruffled Lamp Shady by Crafty Texas Girls

The dreaded before lamp I’ve been using for way too long .

When I first got it I tried dressing it up with some scrap trim I had. This had to come off.

Next cutting 3″ wide strips of linen. She used muslin but I didn’t want to go to the store and I already had linen.

This made lots of ruffles, but this isn’t even all of them!

Glue gun on and begin….

Done! So cute, right?!

Here’s a side by side comparison.

I really enjoyed this little project and think I’ll hang on to this lamp for a bit longer now!

Happy DIYing!

WED {Dots}

Along with loving the color gray I have a thing with dots. Who doesn’t love polka dots?! Maybe not as a theme throughout your entire home but a pillow or seat cover with dots adds something playful to any decor. Earlier I tried creating my own treasury of dot items that I loved. I was 3 items away from being done and then…”OH NO!” I accidently hit the back button on the wrong internet tab and buh-bye!! So here are some other fabulous treasuries done by other Etsy shoppers that did not have an “OH NO!” moment….Enjoy!

(Don’t forget you can click on the individual treasuries to be taken to it on Etsy so you can further explore each item and store.) 

Also stayed tuned for a post about a DIY project I did!!

Change is Gonna Come

Just giving you a friendly reminder of the changes soon to come with my photography. As most of you know right now its a hobby and becoming my full-time livelihood in October.

What’s changing you ask??

  1. My look – I am redesigning my brand/color scheme/etc.
  2. Proofing – Every client will receive mini prints of each photo from the session. (to be returned to me)
  3. Prints – I will no longer be giving digital copies of photos on CDs. Prints will be offered instead.
  4. Pricing – The above will directly affect the cost of packages.
  5. Products – I will showcase more of what I am able to offer you, like canvas prints, books, cards, and more.
  6. Time – I will get to devote so much more to each and every client!! You’ll probably get sick of me!!

I want to take a second to say how much I deeply appreciate all the support and encouragement that I am still receiving!!! I have some really loving people in my life and you know who you are. I only hope that I get the chance to reciprocate the love you’ve all given me. Whew, it’s overwhelming at times, and all I can do is smile, close my eyes, and say a full hearted thank you to my Savior Jesus.  I’m getting emotional right now just thinking about it. All of this is His doing and I’m just the puppet.

I know it’s been extremely hot here (I actually think that’s an understatement) but Fall is around the corner so I’m putting the bug in your ear for Fall portraits, Halloween cards, and, yes, even Christmas cards and gifts. Not saying book them now, I’ll tell you when….ok….go! haha Also, I’m hoping to go do a workshop to better my business and photography skills. If you wouldn’t mind a quick prayer that I would be able to I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!

A little personal update, I am moving in 3 weeks. Nothing, I mean NOTHING is packed yet. It’s all going to storage so I can stay with my wonderful parents while I get this thing up and going. Yay for parents and free living!!!! It’s not going to be easy going from Miss Independent (Yes the Kelly Clarkson song, how did you know?)  to co-existing with parentals again, but it will most definitely be worth it.

Wednesday Etsy Day…WED {Time}

It’s what we all want more of. It passes too quick during wonderful times and too slow during painful times. No one can control it and most fear the loss of it. Here’s simple scripture:

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it – Psalm 118:24”

We live in such a fast paced world that we forget to just stop and take some time……..

And because I just happened to come across this treasury and I love the color!

Baby Daphne

I had the greatest pleasure of photographing Lil Miss Daphne as she was 13 days new. I had heard she was tiny but when I entered their home and saw her sleeping, cradled in her boppy she took my breath away. You hear “tiny” and, sure, you think you know what that is, but until you see this little angel you really aren’t grasping the full meaning of that little word.

Daphne had a rough beginning, spending her first week of her life in the NICU. While we were soothing her during the shoot momma was telling me how hard it was to not be able to hold her for all the tubes and wires. Daphne’s making up for it now, she’s a great little cuddler!!! I stole a few moments myself!!!

She was so good during the 2 hour shoot. Only messied a few of my things haha! Hey that’s what babies do! I wanted to take her home, she’s such a little doll!

Thank you Scott, Valerie, Daphne…and Dallas! I had so much fun!