What to Wear??

I recently found a great article on what to wear for photo sessions and wanted to share it with you. Thanks to iheartfaces and Melinda Brookshire Photography for the tips!

What should we wear??

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. As photographers we have to ask ourselves what is the best way to help our clients understand that the “everyone wearing white shirts” look might have worked back in the Olan Mills days but if they truly want to capture their families authentic personalities in the here and now they need to dress accordingly.

First and foremost, you want your clients to be themselves. If they are uncomfortable in clothes they are wearing, it will definitely show. They should ultimately wear what they love…with guidelines of course. And those guidelines are where you as a photographer come in.

Say it with me, “Matching bad, coordinating good!!” In fact, coordinating ensures each family member’s personality is highlighted rather than lost in a sad sea of predictable white.

A great way in showing them your visions as a photographer is through stylized boards. These boards are to serve as guidelines only. By no means should you make your clients feel like they need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (unless they just want to or, if they’re like me, and they just need an excuse to give their hubbies for such a shopping spree); but you should always go ahead and include where you found the clothing items – this will inevitably answer the 100′s of emails asking “Where can I find___??” that you would have received had you not attributed the clothing items to certain stores.

Great places to look for inspirational ensembles are websites that offer “Looks We Love” or  ”Shop by Outfit” buttons. From there you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Burnin’ a hole….

in my pocket?….well not exactly but the concept is sorta the same.

I can never wait to get home after a session and see what I captured on my camera. Nevertheless, there is always at least one shot that I can’t believe I got. Today I had the utmost pleasure of taking little Jaycie Kay’s 6 month pictures. To say she’s cute isn’t doing her justice….come to think of it I don’t know which word to use to describe her….adorable, beautiful, stunning, chunky (yes those wittle legs!), and the list goes on.

Here is the one picture that when I saw it I had to edit it right away.Jaycie

Now back to work 🙂