Thursday’s Thoughts

Pretty catch title, huh?! I thought of it myself *dusts shoulders off*

My mind lately has been ablaze with ideas for my soon-to-be home studio. All I’ve been able to think of lately is sweet little newborns and toddlers with adorable outfits on set around simple yet creative props. One after another I think of inventive ways to showcase the simplicity of a child. I wish, like a computer, there was a way to take a screenshot of each vivid idea I come up with. Then I could store it away neatly in a file in my mind clearly labeled for future reference. Wouldn’t that be something?!

Which brings us to an update on the studio situation. Lighting was delivered Tuesday and set up last night!! Woo-hoo! Big step accomplished. I salvaged some carpet to lay over the cold crummy concrete. That hopefully will be done over the weekend, if there’s time. I do have a coffee and end table I desperately need to sale. They’re are taking up too much space in the garage and I have zero use for them. If you happen to know anyone who needs such furniture let me know and I’ll make them a wonderful deal!

Me daydreaming of ideas while getting my day started with a hot cup of coffee.

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