So I’m very excited to share with all of you that I am now selling Organic Bloom frames. If you’ve never seen them you will be amazed at these wonderfully made picture frames. They only sell to photographers and their style and colors are just what I’ve been looking for! Here are some samples of their designs:

They even come in all these great colors!!!! Oh boy I’m so thrilled to be able to offer these to you!!

To see more examples of the frames in different colors visit their Facebook page Here’s their blog address: Contact me for pricing and ordering!!

Thursday’s Thoughts

Pretty catch title, huh?! I thought of it myself *dusts shoulders off*

My mind lately has been ablaze with ideas for my soon-to-be home studio. All I’ve been able to think of lately is sweet little newborns and toddlers with adorable outfits on set around simple yet creative props. One after another I think of inventive ways to showcase the simplicity of a child. I wish, like a computer, there was a way to take a screenshot of each vivid idea I come up with. Then I could store it away neatly in a file in my mind clearly labeled for future reference. Wouldn’t that be something?!

Which brings us to an update on the studio situation. Lighting was delivered Tuesday and set up last night!! Woo-hoo! Big step accomplished. I salvaged some carpet to lay over the cold crummy concrete. That hopefully will be done over the weekend, if there’s time. I do have a coffee and end table I desperately need to sale. They’re are taking up too much space in the garage and I have zero use for them. If you happen to know anyone who needs such furniture let me know and I’ll make them a wonderful deal!

Me daydreaming of ideas while getting my day started with a hot cup of coffee.

New Year, New Ideas

Well a Happy New Year to all of you!!!

This year I have a lot of big plans for LinnyJo Designs. For one, we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversay in June! I can’t believe it. What started as a flitter in my heart has become something tangible, something real. At age 26 I found what I wanted to do with my life. I found the thing that I can’t stop thinking about. The thing I spend my daylight hours dreaming of ways to improve and grow and be unique, apart from all the others. It’s truly nothing short of a blessing and I am so thankful. I’m so thankful that, not only do I get to do it, but I’m having to work, really work hard at making it a success. I don’t have a trust fund or wealthy family members or friends that are fronting the funds. Everything I do, buy, make, or remake comes from pennies. I often think about how my future children will view me as a business owner. I make decisions based on what I want them to learn from. And I want them to know that I worked my ass off!!! 🙂 That it didn’t come easy, that it wasn’t overnight. We’ve gotten so accustomed to this “fast lane” lifestyle people are forgetting how to be patient and let the good things come in time. I might want that lighting equipment and that brand new laptop, but I’ve come to learn that the time might not be right for me to have those. You really have to go through life lessons, trials, and upsets. It’s what life and business running is all about. I want to feel like I really earned this lifestyle I’m creating. I don’t want it handed to me on a silver platter already primed and ready to go. Please….no thanks! What fun is that? I want to be around my grandchildren talking about how “this one idea was so stupid but I tried it and I learned from it”. Maybe the next 10 ideas weren’t the greatest but they all landed me at the 11th idea that just was MAGIC!! That’s my dream.

So with this new year and this winter weather I’ve realized I can’t do outdoor location photo sessions, unless the theme is snow queens or eskimos. haha

Enter the idea: Turn the garage into a small photography studio.

So now you will be coming along with me on this project. Reading about the progress and helping me with ideas. Here’s the before picture:

I know what you’re thinking…no way is this going to work. Oh but it will! I’ve already cleaned out the corner and hung 2 large shelves for prop storage. I need to hang black out curtains over the windows and door for when I don’t want the natural light. Then I’ll look for interesting fabrics/wallpaper/room screens/etc that will be used for backdrops. My idea is only to use this for newborns – toddlers, not large family portraits. Oh and I’ll need a small heater or two. My deadline is next month when my nephew’s baby is due. So with your encouragement I hope to have it ready!! Again Happy New Year!