Before/Afters 002

For this edit I wanted not only to show you the B/A but also the steps along the way. You can see how I get from point A to point B and see where your $$ is going. You’re not just paying for the sitting fee but for the time it takes me to touch up each and every photo. I will NEVER go overboard, all I do is try to make the subject look their absolute best without looking fake. Sometimes all it takes is a little color correction and other times, such as this one, I need to do a little more work.

And away we go!!!

StartHere’s the image directly from my memory card. As you can see the color really needs fixing. We gave him a lollipop as a prop and reminents are visible on the corners of his mouth!! There is also a small scratch on the right side of his little chin. His beautiful skin is a bit translucent and therefore blood vessels are seen more near the forehead where its thin. It was such a great photo I wasn’t going to let those little things get in the way!!


Step 1Pieces of sucker were erased along with little scratch and blood vessels near forehead. Under eye area was lightened.


Step 2All that was done in this step was a little skin softening. I did this to soften the areas where I had to erase things in the last step. It’s very suble but helps tremendously.


Step 3Whites of the eyes are brightened and a bit of shine is added to the lower lip.


FinalThe final step is simply adding a glowing tint to the photo. WahLah!! I’m done and he looks great!!